RSNA 2022 – The World’s Largest Annual Radiology Forum

Registration is open for the Radiology Society of North America’s (RSNA) 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, the world’s largest annual radiology forum. When you register today, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between joining your friends and colleagues in Chicago or attending remotely from home. This year’s in-person event will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago from November 27-December 1.

This year’s theme, ‘Empowering Patients and Partners in Care,’ will strive to raise awareness amongst patients and multidisciplinary partners regarding the value of radiology to the health of the people. According to, this year’s event will highlight the dynamic role imaging plays in disease management and multidisciplinary collaboration and provide attendees an opportunity to examine the critical role radiology plays in enabling teams to deliver better patient care through a wide variety of innovative research and education sessions that highlight timely topics in the field.

RSNA also offers a variety of exhibit and sponsorship opportunities that helps foster relationships, generate leads, and capture the engagement of key audiences in both an in-person and virtual atmosphere. Are you interested in showcasing your latest products and solutions in front of key decision-makers, medical imaging executives, and radiologists from every subspecialty? Check out the bottom section of this article to find out how to produce a stand-out exhibit or booth whether you’re showcasing the latest CT, MRI, AI, 3D printing, or other imaging modalities at RSNA 2022.

Continue reading to find out more about RSNA 2022.

RSNA 2022


Program Highlights

RSNA 2022 will deliver a comprehensive program with a multitude of CME (Continuing Medical Education) opportunities for radiology professionals around the world.

Dynamic experiences for attendees will also be available like the Image Interpretation Session and Case of the Day. RSNA 2022 will also bring back popular features like the rapid-fire “Fast 5,” with topics centering on the meeting theme, and The Discovery Theater with lively presentations and entertainment.

The meeting kicks off on Sunday, November 27 with Dr. Haffty taking the stage to deliver his President’s Address – “The Value of Diagnostic Imaging from the Lens of the Patient,” which will explore the patient’s perspective on medical imaging. “From reducing uncertainty and anxiety to empowering patients with the knowledge and giving them a greater sense of control, the value of imaging to our patients is often underestimated among radiologists, and certainly among other members of the healthcare team,” Dr. Haffty said. “By redefining value through the lens of the patient, we can better understand and connect to the meaning of our work in imaging.” Sunday’s opening session will also feature Elizabeth Morris, MD, who will discuss her experience as a breast cancer patient and how it has fueled her desire to ensure that patient care is respectful and responsive to each patient’s preferences, needs, and values.

On Monday, November 28, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Siddartha Mukherjee, MD will join the session to share his insights into human health, medicine, and science. The Image Interpretation session will take place after that, led by Mini Pathria, MD, who will moderate the session where attendees can join a panel of experts in identifying abnormal findings that are critical to making accurate diagnoses.

During Tuesday’s session, Reed A. Omary, MD will discuss the responsibility of today’s radiology professionals to create the best possible experiences for patients, communities, and the planet. Following that session, moderator Amanda Starc, Ph.D. will lead an expert panel in an exploration of the latest health care policy developments and their impact on the field of medical imaging in “Medicare and U.S. Healthcare Policy: A National Conversation.”

Wednesday morning features a lively team-based game show session, while the afternoon consists of an expert panel moderated by Quynh-Thu Le, MD to discuss the use of machine learning for risk stratification in radiation oncology and optimizing radiation therapy workflows.

Thursday’s RSNA/AAPM Symposium will highlight the successful collaboration between radiologists and physicists in technical developments and clinical translations in medical imaging.

Virtual Access for RSNA 2022 will feature nearly 100% of all programming available at the annual meeting.

Camp RSNA will also be available to children aged six months to 12 years as a part of RSNA’s commitment to creating an inclusive experience for all radiology professionals. Camp RSNA is available free to members and available to non-members for a nominal fee. Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their children are engaging in a variety of active and creative experiences led by a thoroughly trained and trusted team.

Several Reservation Packages are available, including in-person and virtual access, in-person only, virtual only, and technical exhibits only. In-person registration is free to RSNA members through October 1. RSNA will also assist you with finding a place to stay as hotel reservations are still available.

Health and Safety

As a healthcare organization, RSNA is strongly committed to protecting the health and safety of all meeting attendees and personnel. RSNA is actively working with the City of Chicago and McCormick Place to implement public health protocols and best practices to provide the safest possible meeting environment. In addition, the RSNA will continue to monitor recommendations issued by the CDC (and state/local health authorities) and will adjust health and safety protocols as necessary.

The RSNA will not require vaccine validation in order to attend RSNA 2022. Additionally, specific information regarding mask policies will be posed in early November on

Exhibitor Center

As the world’s largest medical imaging conference, RSNA 2022 provides the ultimate exhibition opportunity with an enormous show floor perfect for demonstrating the latest medical imaging technologies in CT, MRI, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, and more. These exhibits could lead to better relationships, lead generation, and an opportunity to capture the engagement of key audiences both in-person and online.

The technical exhibition will feature the expansive AI Showcase and Theater, the 3D Printing and Mixed Reality Showcase, and the First-time Exhibitor Pavilion. RSNA 2022 currently has 546 confirmed exhibitors occupying more than 355,000 square feet of exhibit space, including 88 exhibitors who will occupy over 35,000 square feet in the AI Showcase.

Are you interested in exhibiting at RSNA 2022? It’s not too late! Exhibiting at this year’s event gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of professionals including:

  • The world’s leading radiologists
  • Health care system CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CMOs, and CFOs
  • Radiology department heads, practice managers, and health care consultants
  • Hospital directors and administrators
  • IT personnel and managers
  • Biomedical and clinical engineers
  • Physicians, scientists, and physicists

According to RSNA, the average professional attendance of the annual event between 2016 and 2020 has been around 25,000. On top of that, the average exhibitor participation with booth and exhibit configurations of all sizes was over 500 people per exhibit. 

Are you interested in showcasing your products to that many potential clients? Here’s what you can do:

  • First and foremost, reserve your exhibit space with RSNA before October 31, 2022.
  • Once you’ve selected your exhibit space, whether it is the 10×10 inline booth, a 20×20 island exhibit, or a mobile-transportable exhibit unit – now is the time to decide how you want to fill your exhibit space.
  • Because RSNA 2022 is the world’s largest medical imaging conference, you’ll want your booth’s technology (displays, tablets, engagement products), branding, and representatives to be a representation of the latest and greatest technology that your product or solution suggests.
  • If you have already exhibited at this event, consider whether your technology needs to be upgraded, or if you can add additional design materials to impress a larger audience.
  • Whether you’ve already exhibited at an event, or this is your first one, “Bringing your own gear to a show isn’t easy” is a recommended read for all exhibitors whether you’re large, small, seasoned, or brand-new to exhibiting. Not only does this article explain some of the basics for newcomers, it also provides insights you may not be aware of from a business that has been providing exhibition materials to the events industry for over 30 years.
  • If you’ve decided on Technology Rentals in order to save money and impress your audience with new tech, the next step will be to fill out a quote that describes your event and any technology you’d be interested in. A Tech Travel Agent® will promptly get back to you with an itemized price estimate.
  • Now that you’ve communicated with a Tech Travel Agent®, any displays, tablets, digital signage, photo booths, branded charging stations, A/V equipment, smartphones, and other tech that you’ve ordered will arrive promptly on the day of the show along with a technician to set it all up for you.
  • After your event, your technician will come back to tear down any rental equipment and get it shipped back to its home for cleaning, resetting, and storage.

Tech Travel Agent Randy MooreWhen you book with, you’ll always have a resource to use if you have any questions about troubleshooting, additional tech, or any other questions you have about setting up an exhibition display. Our account manager Randy Moore specializes in exhibitor rentals like displays, kiosks, event engagement rentals, laptops, tablets, smartphones, internet hotspots, accessory rentals, and much more. Randy will gladly handle any questions you may have in regard to rentals to make your event exhibition easier. Contact Randy with today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form today.

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