How to use iPads in Kiosk Mode

Apple products have a well-earned reputation for quality and performance, and the iPad and its operating system are no different. Since many are already familiar with the interface of iOS thanks to the iPhone, the iPad is the tablet of choice when ease of use is a requirement – making it a top selection for anyone trying to get attendees engaged at an event.

Do you want to engage with more potential clients at your next trade show, convention, or other events? Consider iPad kiosks.

What can iPads do for my event?

Since almost everyone is already familiar with iPads, they are sure to draw an eye to your booth. But how can you leverage iPads to increase traffic, showcase products, and even create memories? The answer is simple: Kiosk Mode.

Since your business has already spent significant time, effort, and money securing and organizing a booth rental, it’s important to get the most out of your investment. Here are some other objectives that can be completed by renting iPads for Kiosk use:

  • Increased Traffic – iPads are one of the most eye-catching and popular devices on the planet, people simply love Apple products. Placing an iPad kiosk loaded with marketing surveys, product guides, interactive applications, or other presentations is a great way to gain more engagement with your booth.
  • Increased time spent at the booth – Booth visitors will stay longer if there is something to do at your booth. Especially if you’ve provided an engaging activity to do on your iPad Kiosk rentals.
  • Increased engagement – Now that your booth visitors are entertained, this gives your representatives more time to interact with your potential clients. If the option is playing on an iPad or being handed a flyer, which booth would you pick?
  • Showcase your business – Now that you’ve drawn attendees’ attention with iPad kiosks, this gives you an opportunity to really show what your business can do. You can promote services, products, and websites by showcasing new apps, services, videos, music, or website features.
  • Gain online connections – By showing off your company’s social media pages on your iPad kiosk, you can gain important likes to your company’s accounts and even generate leads via email.
  • Use it as a photo booth – Everyone likes to capture the moment. Let your booth visitors take event snapshots with your iPad Kiosk and ask them to share them on social media. Make sure they tag your company and use any event-appropriate hashtags!
  • Return on investment – Deploying iPad Kiosks can have a very good ROI. Depending on how many people are attending the event in which you’re exhibiting, the cost of acquiring one visitor per kiosk could be as low as a few cents. Why spend money on flyers when attendees will be more engaged on iPads?

By now you’ve probably decided that there are plenty of good uses for iPad Kiosks, but how do you get an iPad into Kiosk Mode? Continue reading to find out.

How to put an iPad in “Kiosk Mode”

If you already have an iPad and want to use it as a Kiosk, you can lock the device to a single app by using these steps. (Keep in mind, if you rent your iPads these steps can be completed for you)

Enabling Kiosk Mode on an iPad:

    • Open Settings
    • Go to General and select Accessibility in the list on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • In accessibility, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find Guided Access near the bottom in the “Learning” section.
    • Now toggle Guided Access to On.
    • Next, select Passcode Settings.
    • After that, click on Select Guided Access Passcode. This step allows you to enter and exit iPad Kiosk mode.
  • Enter a passcode. You’ll have to confirm the passcode. Don’t forget your code!
  • You can also opt to use TouchID or FaceID to begin and end Guided Access.

Now that Guided Access has been enabled, let’s select which application we want to use and configure guided access. Here is step 2.

Configuring Guided Access on an iPad:

  • Open the app you want to use for your iPad Kiosk.
  • Now that the application is open, triple-click the home button. This allows you to configure Guided Access whenever you want.
  • Now choose which areas of the screen you want customers to be able to interact with. Any areas you circle will no longer respond to touch, which can keep your booth-goers in areas of the application you want them in.
  • You can also select Options in the bottom left corner. This gives you the option to turn off and on other features like the Sleep/Wake button, Volume buttons, Motion, Keyboards, Touch, or Time Limits.
  • You can exit a Guided Access session at any time by triple-clicking the Home button and entering your Guided Access password (or Face/TouchID) to exit.
iPad kiosk rental


Apple Kiosk Rentals Configured and Delivered to you

Are you looking for an iPad Kiosk rental? Apple rentals are a great way to drive engagement to your trade show booth or exhibition. can preconfigure your iPads to perform in Kiosk Mode to your exact specifications. Need multiple kiosks? No problem, you can rent any quantity of iPads from

Apple iPads and other technology rentals can be used for more than just kiosks! iPads are great for event planners who need to complete event registration and want to execute faster check-ins. Presenters can even use an iPad when presenting a speech, presenting a new product, or releasing a white paper. These devices can also be used as a remote control for a slideshow, explain various screens, or even read notes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to iPad and technology rentals!

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