Early 2023 Supply Chain Update

Supply chain update for exhibitors and event professionals

For the first time since before the pandemic, we may finally be seeing a supply chain without any delays at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

According to Phoenix International Business Logistics (PIBL), a U.S. Customs broker and freight forwarder with more than 25 years of experience in trade tow shipments, it is advising its customers that there is no notable backlog of ships awaiting berth space for the first time since 2020 at these two ports.

This is welcome news for event planners, trade show management companies, and international exhibitors who can now more reliably plan shipments destined for shows on the West Coast.

During the pandemic

During the pandemic, the shipping landscape was dominated by port congestion and supply chain disruption, particularly in West Coast ports, where ships once encountered delays ranging from 15 to 45 days to unload containers.

This caused extensive delays for international exhibitors sending shipments to shows in cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. On top of that, shipping fees increased by almost three-fold at one point for international shipments. This was a time when hundreds of trade show exhibitors were struggling to meet deadlines in a seemingly never-ending saga of shipping delays that were made worse by vessel cancellations and a scarcity of long-haul drivers.

As recently as this fall, but mostly in the past few years, some international exhibitors had to decide whether or not to cancel participation in shows or to scale back their involvement so they could ship by air rather than the sea.

Furthermore, East Coast ports were still experiencing a surge in shipments at this time due to the shift from the West Coast during the peak of congestion. For months, the Port of New York and New Jersey was the nation’s busiest container seaport – but backlogs are finally starting to diminish even in these ports.

On the other hand, South Atlantic and Gulf ports, such as Savannah and Houston, remain somewhat congested – although most other U.S. ports are seeing a more normal cargo flow.

Advice to International Exhibitors

According to the President of PIBL, Phil Hobson, “Our best advice to international exhibitors is to begin planning their early 2023 shipments (as soon as possible), particularly for shows occurring from late January through March.”

Although one of the top U.S. Customs brokers is hesitant to be optimistic about the lack of shipping delays, he also commented that “For the first time in more than two years, these West Coast ports are now free of lengthy wait times for ships to dock and clear Customs. There are no ships delayed at the terminals that we work with now in Los Angeles, a stunning reversal of the peak pandemic congestion when more than 100 ships were sitting in the waters off Los Angeles. Freight rates have dropped significantly for sea shipments from the Far East to California. We also see a reduction in costs from Europe to the West Coast although less considerable.”

Supply Chain Solution: Technology Rentals

With a still-recovering supply chain, some businesses are still hesitant to book international shipments for shows in the United States.

If you don’t want to take a gamble with shipping delays,  there is a manageable, cost-effective solution: technology rentals. When you rent computers, laptops, tablets, and other equipment, you don’t have to worry about whether the products are going to arrive on time – companies like Rentacomputer.com already have a huge stock of the latest technology products located right here in the United States.

Even if you’re already behind due to shipping delays from another supplier, Rentacomputer.com can alleviate some of your frustrations by preloading your company software onto any and all of your rental devices. On top of that, because you can decide how long you want your rental, you won’t have to worry about paying additional fees to store equipment or ship it to other locations – that’s all done for you.

Technology rental companies like Rentacomputer.com buy vast inventories of the latest technology as soon as they are available on the market – giving you access to the most cutting-edge technology shipped right here in the United States.

Technology Rentals delivered to your show by Rentacomputer.com

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