Software Developer Conferences to attend in 2023


As the tech industry continuously evolves, attending conferences can help you keep up with the latest trends, innovations, and knowledge about cutting-edge tools, technology, and skills in the software engineering field.

Now that most events are back to being held in person, you’ll also have the opportunity to develop solid and professional relationships if you choose the right software engineering conference to attend this year.

Are you a software developer, software architect, data analyst, system admin, DevOps engineer, data scientist, software engineer, machine-learning expert, deep-learning researcher, or an artificial intelligence buff?

Read below to learn more about our shortlist of popular 2023 software engineering conferences in North America. (Some dates and locations may be subject to change but are based on past information about the event.)



Dates: In-person from February 15-17, Virtual from February 21-23

Location: (in-person) Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California
Cost: $100 to $895


Every year DeveloperWeek brings in more than 8,000 developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers, and executives from more than 70 countries in order to discover the latest technologies, languages, platforms, and tools. This year’s conference will feature an expanded DevExec World, which is two days of roundtable talks, educational talks, and networking events for engineering managers, tech executives, and lead developers. DeveloperWeek 2023 will also be co-located with ProductWorld and CloudConnect.

Who should attend: Developers, software architects, data analysts, system administrators, and DevOps engineers

Twitter: @DeveloperWeek

ConFoo Montreal 2023


Date: February 22-24

Location: Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cost: Conference ticket – CAD $1,100, Workshops – from CAD $700-1100 (Canadian currency)


The 21st edition of ConFoo, a multi-technology conference for developers, will feature 155 presentations by popular international speakers focused on pragmatic solutions for web developers. Ten major topics will be covered including Architecture & Design Patterns, PHP, Tests & Quality, DevOps, JavaScript, Management, Security, Cloud Computing, Management, Java & JVM languages.

Who should attend: Developers and data scientists

Twitter: @confooca #ConFoo

SREcon23 Americas


Date: March 21-23

Location: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in Santa Clara, California

Cost: Early Bird (until February 27) – $1000, Standard – $1300


Attend SREcon23 Americas to connect with engineers who care deeply about site reliability, systems engineering, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. This conference strives to challenge both those who have been involved in software engineering for decades and those that are relatively new to the profession. SREcon23 has a rich culture of critical thought, deep technical insights, and continuous improvement and innovation.

Who should attend: QA testers, security teams, database administrators, network administrators, compliance experts, UX designers, government employees, and scientists

Twitter: @SREcon #SREcon

Data Council Austin 2023


Date: March 28-30

Location: AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

Cost: $1,499 until March 6, $1,699 until March 27; group and other discounts available


Data Council is a worldwide, community-driven technical conference that bridges the gap between data science, engineering, and analytics. The conference will have 10 tracks this year: data engineering and infrastructure, data science and algorithms, MLOps and platforms, analytics, applied AI, lightning talks, data streaming, building data products, data culture and community, and workshops. Data Council Austin 2023 will feature leading data scientist guest speakers from top organizations like Facebook, Netflix, Lyft, Salesforce, WeWork, MIT, and more. Featuring interactive sessions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with great people and companies and ask questions to top influencers in the industry. Since Data Council attracts some of the best and brightest minds in data, you’ll have the opportunity to network with startups, find your dream job, discover new OSS, chat with investors, and more.

Who should attend: Software engineers, machine-learning experts, deep-learning researchers, and artificial intelligence buffs

Twitter: @DataCouncilAI



Date: April 3-6

Location: Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Cost: Conference pass – $495, Conference/Workshop pass – $895; Group discounts available


Devnexus is the largest Java platform conference in the USA and one of the leading technology events held annually around the globe. Furthermore, Devnexus is also the premier conference for professional software developers who want insights from internationally acclaimed presenters. Devnexus attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded developers who are mastering their craft in a range of relevant technologies.

More than 2,500 people are expected to attend this year’s event, which begins with an optional full day of hands-on workshops. The next two days will feature presentations and live demonstrations on the industry’s trending topics which comprise 15 concurrent technology tracks and over 150 individual sessions.

Who should attend: Java developers, cloud administrators, security practitioners, network architects, software architects, JavaScript developers, mobile and web developers, and application performance testers

Twitter: @devnexus #devnexus 

PyCon US 2023


Date: April 19-27

Location: Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cost: Online only – $100 USD, Corporate – $750, Individual – $400, Student – $100


PyCon US attracts a unique audience of Python users and community members, from beginners just learning the language to the leading developers in the field to the contributors who guide the development of the language itself. PyCon includes tutorials, presentations and booths from sponsors, and over 90 talks. On top of that, four days of post-conference sprints are included in the price, which gives anyone an opportunity to contribute to a project.

Who should attend: Developers, business leads, experienced programmers, hobby hackers, beginners, and other members of the Python community

Twitter: @PyCon #pycon  

RemixConf 2023 (React Conference)


Date: May 9-11

Location: Hilton Salt Lake City Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cost: Standard – $489.30, Late Bird – $699 (starts February 15)


Remix is a full stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web fundamentals to deliver a fast, slick, and resilient user experience. These conferences are staged by the community supporting React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Attend RemixConf 2023 to find out more about how you can use Remix to build better websites that are focused on web standards and modern web app UX.

Who should attend: JavaScript developers

Twitter: @remix_run

Open Source Summit North America


Date: May 10-12

Location: Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cost: Varies between $99-1,249


Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. It includes LinuxCon, the Embedded Linux Conference, CloudOpen, ContainerCon, OSPOCon, Global Security Vulnerability Summit, SupplyChainSecurityCon, Critical Software Summit, the Community Leadership Conference, Emerging OS Forum, Embedded IoT Summit, Diversity Empowerment Summit, Open AI + Data Forum, and Open Source On-Ramp.

Who should attend: Software developers, programmers, open-source maintainers, Linux IT professionals, IT operations professionals, legal counsel, executives, managers, and students

Twitter: @linuxfoundation #ossummit

GlueCon 2023


Date: May 24-25

Location: Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado

Cost: $1,195 until March 24; $1,395 until May 21; $1,495 starting May 22


GlueCon is a developer-oriented conference focused on providing the latest in-depth technical information, presented in a format that fosters community. Topics this year will include APIs, DevOps, Serverless, Edge Computing, Containers, Microservices, AI-driven applications, Developer Evangelism, and the newest tools and platforms driving technology. GlueCon brands itself as a welcoming community of experts that gather annually to learn about what’s next, often years before those topics will appear at other conferences.

Who should attend: Software architects, developers, mobile developers and architects, DevOps engineers, enterprise and startup executives, and team managers

Twitter: @gluecon #gluecon

Strange Loop


Date: September 21-22

Location: Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri

Cost: $520 to $650


The final Strange Loop conference brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web. Some of the guiding principles include no marketing, which means no sponsored keynotes or sold mailing lists, and code-heavy talks from a range of topics from academia, industry, and touch of weirdness.

Who should attend: Developers, entrepreneurs, system engineers, security professionals, and scientists

Twitter: @strangeloop_stl

Other Upcoming Conferences

There are a bunch of other software-engineering conferences typically held in fall and winter that have yet to set concrete event dates. Some of these in-person conferences include GopherCon, DjangoCon, and RubyConf. On top of that, there are some upcoming virtual conferences that we are awaiting announcements for such as: DotNETOS, .NET Conf, and DevTernity.

Mark your calendars, because conference prices are subject to change! Typically, the closer it gets to the event’s start date the more expensive it will be to register. Make your choices and register now to take advantage of early bird prices!

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