Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) 2023

Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) is an annual celebration held in order to raise awareness regarding the value of the meetings and events industry around the world. GMID provides an opportunity to showcase the positive impact that meetings and events like trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences, conventions, and business meetings have on local economies, job creation, and personal and professional career development.

This year’s event has the theme “Meetings Matter” and will shine a spotlight on the economic and societal importance of face-to-face meetings – a critical message to share with elected officials and business leaders which emphasizes the myriad of benefits that come from in-person meetings.

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Why “Meetings Matter”

Following years of canceled events and attempts at virtual replacements, GMID accentuates that there is no better time to remind businesses of the importance of meetings. In fact, the effect of the meetings industry ripples through many other factors of the economy.

For example, local communities and small businesses around the country rely on meetings and events to remain financially solvent. In fact, the cancellations of meetings after the pandemic caused an extra 200,000 establishments to have to close their doors forever per year (~800,000 per year, up from ~600,000 per year) further highlighting the need for in-person events.

On top of that, the fate of the travel industry – and the American economy – is dependent on a swift return of meetings and events in North America. In addition to generating business, meetings drive education, knowledge, and communal understanding of critical topics, advancing progress in the economy and societal well-being.

Impact on the Economy

While most people have returned to normal life after the pandemic, the travel and events industries are still recovering. This makes sense since prior to the pandemic, meetings and events accounted for 42% of all business travel spending and 11% of travel spending in the United States.

This amounted to $130 billion in annual meetings-related travel spending that directly supported 800,000 American jobs, $42 billion in employee payroll, and $19 billion in federal, state, and local tax receipts. On top of that, the events and meetings industry accounts for 26 million jobs and generates $1.5 trillion in global economic activity, according to the Events Industry Council.

GMID is clearly one of the biggest events of the year, garnering more than 40 million worldwide impressions last year and reaching more than 8.5 million individual users. The U.S. travel industry is looking to build on the strength of last year’s GMID to help make the 2023 event a monumental success – aiding in the revitalization of the meetings industry in the country.

The U.S. Travel Association has provided a free toolkit in order for businesses around the country to come together on March 30, 2023, in order to showcase why #MeetingsMatter to attendees, organizations, communities, businesses, and the American economy.

Are you planning to celebrate GMID 2023? Make sure you use the hashtags #MeetingsMatter on social media and don’t forget to use the available resources in the toolkit!

Build Relationships and Brand Awareness

Beyond the economic impact, the meetings and events industry plays an important role in fostering professional development and networking as well as building strong communities.

Meetings and events provide opportunities for professionals to learn from one another, share knowledge and ideas, and build relationships with peers and potential clients. Conferences, trade shows, and other events often feature keynote speakers, educational sessions, and networking events that allow attendees to learn about new trends and technologies, exchange ideas, and make connections with others in their field.

The events industry not only provides learning opportunities, they also provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services and build brand awareness. Companies may sponsor events, exhibit at trade shows, or host their own events to raise awareness of their brand and products. Events also provide an opportunity for companies to interact directly with potential customers, build relationships, and generate leads.

Community Building and Destination Marketing

While we’ve previously discussed the events industry’s impact on the economy through meetings around the country that provide support for businesses and their employees, it’s worth noting that the effects of this industry can extend beyond the duration of a single event.

Events can bring people together for a shared purpose, such as a conference or charity event, and create a sense of community and connection. Events can help to build relationships within a professional community or among people with a shared interest or cause. In addition, events can support charitable causes and provide a platform for fundraising and awareness-raising efforts.

Meetings and events can also contribute to tourism and destination marketing. Attendees may visit a new location for the event and then choose to return for leisure travel, which can generate additional revenue for the local economy. In addition, hosting events can help to raise the profile of a destination and position it as a desirable location for future events and travel.

Impress audiences at your next event

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