How to Create an Effective Software Demo in 7 Simple Steps

A software demo is a visual and interactive representation of how an application will appear and perform once it has been developed. 

Software demos can be beneficial for brands in a variety of ways: from helping build realistic expectations of your platform to new clients to demonstrating exactly how everything works in order to make things easier for the customer (and reduce support calls to customer service).

78% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video.

What is a software demo?

Software demos are simply visual recreations demonstrating how a piece of software will function before time and money are invested in the actual design and development phases. In the past, this was done on paper and presented to a group of people who would provide feedback, ask questions, and give suggestions for improvement – but thanks to screen-sharing software and apps that allow us to animate in order to show the functionality of the software, this is a thing of the past.

Regarding how you present your software demo, there are only two good options in the modern age. The first option is to show your platform directly using screen-sharing software, however, this only makes sense if your software has already begun development. The next option is to create an animated version of your software that emulates how it will perform once it has been developed.

94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Creating a Software Demo

Now that you know about the importance of software demos, let’s discuss how to create a perfect software demo in 7 simple steps:

Step 1:

Identify the audience’s problemWhat problem is your software trying to solve? Once you can answer this question, you’ll be better informed about what your potential client is looking for in a software demo.

If you don’t know the focus of your software demo or aren’t already working with a client who has proposed a software build, you’ll want to do customer research in order to find out what is necessary.

If you already have email addresses from your target audience, you can create your own survey and send it out that way. 

However, if you still need to find out more from potential customers, you could create a survey on a platform like SurveyMonkey. Platforms like these allow you to send surveys to people who fit your target audience in order to benefit from real results. You can either send out a blast email with your survey or promote it on your social channels.

Alternatively, you can use the SurveyMonkey database in order to get targeted responses from users that already meet your criteria. Although there is a fee if you use SurveyMoney’s database to get survey responses – prices vary depending on how many people you want to target and which criteria you choose.

Step 2:

Show how your software solves the problem you’ve identified – Now that you’ve gathered all of the information necessary in order to build an effective software solution, you need to show that your software can deliver.

The best way to do this is to start by creating a list of problems and how your software can solve them. This is a rough list that will help ensure you didn’t miss anything when it’s time to create a script for your video.

Step 3:

Create a clear and concise script – Now that you’ve identified and listed all of the problems that your software can solve, now it’s time to use that information to create a clear and concise story that your viewers will find engaging and relatable.

One of the best ways to format a software demo is in a Problems > Solutions > Benefits type of storyline.

Highlighting your viewers’ problems from the start of your demo video is a great way to hook them into the beginning of your presentation. Next, present the solutions to these issues that are offered by your software.

Finally, you should finish your software demo with benefits – this is what differentiates you from your competitors.

Step 4:

Demonstrate your software in action – This is where your experience can differ depending on whether you’ve already begun developing your software or want to use an animated video of your software in order to show how it will work.

It’s very important to show your software in action. Your audience will want to see the main features of your software demonstrated in a way that is easy to follow. This simply means you need to break things down step-by-step in order to show viewers exactly what to click on and how to get the most out of each feature of your proposed software.

If you’ve already developed your software enough for a demonstration, you can use screen recording software in order to show and record your movements in real time. Once you’ve shown all of the features of your software, all you need to do is clip the footage together, and add a voiceover, soundtrack, and some engaging visuals. After Effects is a great software for this step.

Step 5:

Use engaging visuals in your demonstration – Although the point of the demo is to show how your software works, it’s important to spice things up in order to keep your audience’s attention.

Depending on your target audience, engaging visuals like slick transitions, title screens, icons, and characters can help keep your customers engaged and will make them more likely to share your content with their co-workers or friends.

Step 6:

Focus on the solutions that your software provides, not features – Your target audience is looking for a solution to a problem, so make sure these are clearly presented in your demonstration video.

Whenever you mention features of your software, be sure to mention why this feature was created and identify which problem is solved.

For example, if your software has a drag-and-drop feature, you could accompany this part of the demo video with a voiceover that says “Our drag-and-drop feature is easy to use, which will save you time in the long run!”

Step 7:

Have a clear call to actionWhat do you want people to do after watching your software demo video?

Do you want your audience to download your software after the video? If you’ve already developed your software completely, this is a great option.

However, if you are still in the planning process this isn’t an option. Ask your audience to sign up for a free trial or get in touch to learn more.

Your software deserves a great demo video. Make sure you follow the steps outlined in this article and don’t forget that computers and other technology rentals are always a cost-effective option if you need more equipment to build or demo your software.

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