The Web3 Gaming Expo Unveils a Blockchain-Powered Gaming Revolution

The Web3 Gaming Expo, a collaboration between Community Gaming, Game7, and 3XP Gaming Expo, is set to take place from June 8 to June 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. 

This unique festival aims to showcase the exciting world of Web3 gaming, emphasizing blockchain technology and its impact on the gaming industry. With a lineup of esports events, creators, and brands, the expo promises to be a must-attend event for gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Web3 Gaming Expo rentals


What is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming integrates blockchain technology and decentralization into the gaming industry, allowing players to own and trade unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. 

Smart contracts automate gameplay mechanics and provide transparency, while community participation and governance models enable player involvement in game development. Web3 gaming introduces new economic models, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency and rewards, and promotes interoperability between games and platforms. 

It revolutionizes the gaming experience by offering decentralization, player ownership, and economic opportunities, creating a vibrant and inclusive gaming ecosystem.

The Web3 Gaming Expo stands out as a celebration of the blockchain gaming community. By bringing together gamers, developers, and investors, the event provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and learning. The expo aims to bridge the gap between traditional gaming conventions and the isolated nature often experienced by Web3 game developers. This inclusive environment encourages the sharing of ideas and expertise while supporting the growth and success of the Web3 gaming industry.

Industry Leaders and Innovators Take Center Stage at the Web3 Gaming Expo

The expo boasts a curated selection of game developers, thought leaders, and prominent brands. These include Game7, Avalanche, Polygon Labs, Brave, XBorg, Community Gaming, Coinbase, Magic Eden, YGG, and many others. By showcasing these industry leaders, the event not only provides attendees with an opportunity to experience their latest innovations but also educates mainstream gamers on the potential of blockchain-enabled gaming.

Unveiling Game Announcements, Interactive Booths, and Networking Opportunities

During the expo, attendees can expect major game announcements from top developers, complete with captivating cinematics and live gameplay demonstrations. The production stage streamed live on platforms like, will offer an immersive experience for viewers worldwide. 

Additionally, interactive booths will allow players to try out new games and experience cutting-edge technologies firsthand. Dedicated networking spaces will facilitate important conversations between investors and industry professionals, fostering further growth and collaboration within the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

The Three Ps of 3XP

3XP’s approach to Web3 gaming centers around three key principles, represented by the “three Ps.” First, “permissionless extensibility” emphasizes the importance of an open ecosystem where communities can build additional tools on top of the game’s base experience. This encourages the creation of new value-added features and functionalities by passionate developers and gamers alike. 

Second, “practical application” focuses on exploring the real-world applications of blockchain technology in gaming, including digital asset ownership, smart contracts, and innovative monetization models. 

Finally, “provably fun” aims to overcome any stigmas surrounding Web3 gaming by showcasing the highest-quality games developed by and for gamers.

Strategic Partnerships Drive the Growth of Web3 Gaming at the Expo

The Web3 Gaming Expo has secured partnerships with influential organizations such as Game7, which committed $500 million in capital to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-enabled game economies. 

The expo’s official esports partner, Community Gaming, will leverage its platform to power 3XP gaming tournaments, exhibitor rewards, and tournament payouts. These partnerships demonstrate a commitment to the sustained growth and success of the Web3 gaming industry.

Technology Rentals and the Web3 Gaming Expo

As the Web3 Gaming Expo approaches, anticipation builds for an event that promises to be a groundbreaking showcase of blockchain gaming. By uniting the community, highlighting innovation, and featuring industry leaders, the expo will contribute to the mainstream adoption and acceptance of Web3 gaming. With an immersive environment, major announcements, and networking opportunities, attendees will leave the event inspired and ready to embrace the future of blockchain-enabled gaming. The Web3 Gaming Expo aims to redefine the gaming industry and create a sustainable future where players, developers, and investors thrive together.

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