CES 2024: The Epicenter of Tech Innovation Returns to Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has long held its status as the world’s foremost gathering place for all those immersed in the world of consumer technologies. For over five decades, it has stood on the global stage where the next wave of innovations takes its first steps into the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES attracts the most influential business leaders and pioneering thinkers, making it an event of unparalleled significance in the tech world.

Continue reading to find out about CES 2024 and how you can become an exhibitor to showcase your business.

The Pinnacle of Tech Innovation

CES is not merely an event; it is the proving ground for revolutionary technologies and a hub for global innovators. It’s here that the titans of industry come together to forge new partnerships, and where the sharpest innovators step onto the stage. CES caters to every facet of the tech sector, ensuring it remains the most influential tech event worldwide.

CES 2024, set to return to Las Vegas, promises to be an exceptional opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to immerse themselves in the nuts and bolts of IoT technology for consumer products. The IoT Infrastructure Pavilion at CES will unveil the latest technologies that underpin all connected consumer tech. In essence, CES 2024 represents the most crucial IoT venue for large-volume consumer markets on a global scale.

Tentative Exhibit Hours

Tuesday, January 9th: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Wednesday, January 10th: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Thursday, January 11th: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Friday, January 12th: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

A Gathering of Tech Titans

CES 2024 is poised to be the world’s most extensive congregation of consumer technology professionals and experts. For more than half a century, CES has served as the platform for technology innovators worldwide. This iconic event, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9 to 12, will bring together a diverse, international audience ready to explore and invest in the latest consumer tech hardware, content, and tech delivery systems.

The product categories on display at CES 2024 will be diverse, spanning AR, VR, and 5G connectivity. This is the ideal venue to form partnerships and bolster sales. CES 2024 is your opportunity to make a resounding statement, and Rentacomputer.com can help you achieve that with an exhibition rental.

Facts and Figures about CES Las Vegas 2024

Year after year, CES draws some of the world’s most innovative thinkers and business leaders. Over 4,400 exhibitors, encompassing manufacturers, tech developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware and delivery systems, will take part in the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. Anticipated to host a conference program that will welcome more than 170,000 people from 160 countries, CES is a hotspot for technologists and industry leaders to discuss the future of technology and its societal implications.

Notable presenters at this event include NVIDIA and HTC, and the organizers have designed a comprehensive program that includes educational sessions and side events focused on vehicle technology and food technology. CES has always been a source of excitement with events like the autonomous car race challenge, promoting autonomous technology and inspiring STEM students to pursue careers in tech.

What’s New at CES 2024

CES 2024 promises to be highly digitalized and will feature cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, AI, 5G, cloud, quantum, data, IoT/sensors, and Web3. This event will offer a blend of in-person and digital formats, presenting the best of both worlds. Topics to be discussed include XR and artificial intelligence, space technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the smart home sector, and vehicle technology.

Smaller Companies Shine at CES 2024 as Tech Giants Take a Step Back

While the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is undoubtedly a hotspot for technology enthusiasts, it’s essential to acknowledge the shifting dynamics of participation at CES 2024. Notably, some of the industry’s giants, such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, have chosen to bypass the show’s frenzied competition and costly displays in favor of hosting their own events. The rationale behind this shift lies in their preference for a more focused and controlled environment to convey their messages.

Even Dell, a corporation with a strong desire to move units and headquartered just a short flight away from the venue, has opted to forego the massive CES stage this year. Instead, they took a different approach, inviting publications to participate in small, guided tours in the lead-up to the event.

This departure from the massive CES showcases leaves space for the spotlight to shine on smaller businesses. The bustling CES ecosystem has long been known for its wheeling and dealing among B2B suppliers, where smaller vendors showcase their products and services at evening press events, all amidst a swarm of reporters.

The Opportunity for Smaller Businesses

With these large companies now opting for smaller, more controlled showcases, the stage at CES 2024 is set for small and medium-sized businesses to grab the limelight. The absence of the colossal, dominant displays from industry titans creates an opportunity for emerging companies to present their innovations and solutions in a less crowded and more focused environment.

Elevate Your Exhibition with Technology and Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor at CES or making your debut appearance, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your booth. If you’re looking to attract more potential customers to your exhibition, consider spicing up your booth with technology and equipment rentals.

Investing in technology and booth equipment rentals can be a cost-effective solution, allowing you to create a booth that stands out from the crowd. Here’s why renting makes sense:

  • Flexibility and Customization: Rentals provide the flexibility to adapt your booth’s design and technology for each show.
  • Professional Support: Rental services can include technicians who deliver, set up, troubleshoot, and tear down equipment.
  • Cost Savings: Renting eliminates the need to pay for maintenance, storage, or replacement of booth equipment, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Time Efficiency: By renting, you can save time and focus on other crucial aspects of your exhibit.
  • Tax Deductible: Rental expenses can often be tax-deductible, offering additional financial benefits.

Smaller companies can make a significant impact at CES 2024 by seizing the opportunity to stand out with innovative booth designs and the latest technology. In an era where one-size-fits-all displays are becoming obsolete, rentals provide the means to create a booth that captivates and engages visitors. Don’t miss the chance to make your mark at CES 2024 and showcase your business to a global audience hungry for innovation and creativity.

A Record-Breaking CES 2024

The Consumer Technology Association® recently announced that CES 2024 is on track to surpass CES 2023 in terms of footprint, attendees, exhibitors, and global media coverage. Scheduled for January 9-12 in Las Vegas, CES 2024 is poised to be the largest in-person, independently audited tech event globally.

Anticipated Numbers for CES 2024 include:

130,000+ attendees

1,000+ startups within Eureka Park

3,500+ exhibitors and a sold-out West Hall

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA, expressed his excitement, saying, “CES 2024 is growing! The show is on track to surpass the CES 2023 exhibit space, with global companies debuting innovations that will solve our most pressing global challenges. From healthcare to transportation, smart home solutions, AI advancements, and beyond, CES 2024 will shine a light on tech innovation that will change our world for the better.”

Trade Show equipment rentals

An Unmissable Tech Extravaganza

CES 2024 promises to be a spectacle of innovation, with top tech categories such as AI, sustainability, startups, digital health, and transportation and mobility taking center stage. The LVCC West Hall alone will feature more than 300 companies, while the West Plaza will come alive with self-driving demonstrations and EVTOL exhibits. With a lineup of global brands like Amazon, BMW, Google, and many others, CES 2024 will undoubtedly help shape the future of technology.

Your Solution to Crafting the Perfect Exhibit

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