Don’t Call it AR: Apple’s Latest in “Spatial Computing”

Apple’s entry into the world of wearable computers has finally materialized with the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3,499, this cutting-edge device spearheads Apple’s foray into what they term “spatial computing,” a concept that envisions seamlessly integrating apps and information into the user’s surroundings. 

While Apple ambitiously promotes the Vision Pro as a revolutionary augmentation of reality, the tech giant faces stiff competition from established players in the virtual and augmented reality space – just make sure you don’t call it AR or VR while Apple is in the room.

Let’s find out more about the Apple Vision Pro, including when you can rent these devices for your business.

The Vision Pro’s Technical Marvels

The Apple Vision Pro boasts several impressive features that set it apart in the competitive market. The display is hailed as a technical marvel, offering the best video passthrough to date. Hand and eye tracking capabilities represent a significant leap forward, contributing to a more immersive user experience. Furthermore, seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem enhances functionality, allowing users to perform a range of tasks, from business-related activities like using Excel and Webex to leisure activities such as watching movies on a virtual 4K HDR display.

However, the Vision Pro comes with its fair share of tradeoffs, both tangible and philosophical. The hefty price tag of $3,499 may deter potential users, and the external battery pack adds weight to the already substantial headset. Inconsistent hand and eye tracking, coupled with somewhat uncanny personas, raises questions about the device’s practicality and user experience.

Apple’s Focus on “Augmented Reality”

Apple has long asserted the value of augmented reality over virtual reality, incorporating AR tools into iOS and equipping higher-end iPhones and iPads with lidar depth scanners (but they call it “Spatial Computing”). The Vision Pro represents Apple’s initial attempt to unify these concepts into a functional computing device that seamlessly integrates into the user’s physical space.

Despite Apple’s insistence that the Vision Pro is not a VR headset, its functionalities align closely with virtual reality experiences. Users are enveloped in a 3D video feed of the real world or transported to virtual environments, blurring the lines between augmented and virtual reality. The device’s sleek design, crafted from magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum, contributes to its aesthetic appeal, reminiscent of Apple’s iconic product lineup.

Apple Vision Pro rentals

Addressing Practical Concerns

One notable feature is the front display’s attempt to maintain social connectivity by showing a video feed of the user’s eyes to those around them. However, the execution falls short, with a low-res, ghostly image that lacks the intended realism. The array of cameras and sensors, including high-res front cameras, hand-tracking cameras, lidar, and TrueDepth cameras, underscores the device’s commitment to spatial awareness and tracking.

The Vision Pro’s speakers, positioned in the side arms, deliver spatial audio convincingly, but their leakiness may necessitate the use of headphones. The device’s weight, ranging from 600 to 650 grams, coupled with the front-loaded design, may pose discomfort during prolonged use. The external battery, while contributing to weight, aligns with Apple’s vision of a stationary device.

The Road Ahead for Apple’s Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro showcases undeniable technological prowess but raises questions about its practicality and ability to revolutionize spatial computing. The device must contend with competitors like Meta’s Quest 3, which offers a compelling VR experience at a fraction of the price. As users weigh the tradeoffs and practical concerns, Apple’s journey into spatial computing may face challenges in gaining widespread adoption.

The Vision Pro is undeniably a step into the future, but its success in catching on with the masses remains an open question. As technology evolves and user preferences shape the market, Apple’s latest venture may pave the way for the next generation of spatial computing or serve as a testament to the challenges inherent in bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

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