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If you need rental equipment for your business, there are a few important factors to consider: honesty, efficiency, and ease of communication. You’ll want a company that is transparent with their fees, ensuring no hidden overages and upcharges. You need a company that is fast and efficient with configuration and delivery. Lastly, you want to work with a company that’s easy to contact from the start of your project to the return of the equipment.

Whether it’s for a corporate event, a temporary office setup, or a short-term project, the process of renting technology should be straightforward and stress-free. However, not all tech rental experiences are created equal. Let’s delve into the stark contrasts between fast, easy technology rentals and the frustratingly slow, difficult ones.

Fast, Easy Technology Rentals: The Experience

  1. Easy Contact and Communication: At, we prioritize seamless communication. From the moment you reach out, our team is readily available to assist. Whether through phone, email, or chat, we ensure you get the information you need without any hassle.
  2. Personalized Assistance with Product Selection: Choosing the right technology can be daunting, especially with the myriad of options available. Our knowledgeable team guides you through the selection process, understanding your specific needs and recommending the best equipment for your event or project. We take the guesswork out of the equation, so you can focus on what matters most.
  3. Fast Delivery: Time is of the essence in any business operation. We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery services, ensuring that your equipment arrives on time, every time. Our efficient logistics network means you won’t be left waiting or scrambling at the last minute.
  4. Responsive Technical Service: Technical issues can arise at any moment, and when they do, you need swift solutions. offers fast, responsive technical support to address any problems quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly. On top of that, we also offer pre configured backup devices for quick equipment swaps.

The Challenges of Working with Unresponsive Companies

  1. Difficult to Contact: Full-service event production companies often come with layers of bureaucracy, making it hard to reach the right person when you need assistance. Endless phone trees, delayed email responses, and unhelpful chatbots can turn a simple inquiry into a frustrating ordeal.
  2. Little Assistance with Product Selection: Without personalized support, you might find yourself navigating a sea of options with little guidance. Some rental companies might not take the time to understand your unique requirements, leading to mismatched equipment and unsatisfactory experiences.
  3. Hidden Fees: Transparency is key in any transaction. Unfortunately, some companies bury additional costs in the fine print. Hidden fees for delivery, setup, or technical support can quickly inflate your budget, leaving you with unexpected expenses.
  4. Overly Complex Services: Sometimes, you only need to rent a few pieces of equipment, not an entire production package. These companies might push full event production services, overwhelming you with unnecessary options and inflated prices. At, we understand that simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand.

Reason to rent technology from

In a world where time is money, the efficiency of your technology rental service can significantly impact your business operations. Choosing a provider like ensures that you receive the best in customer service, product selection, and support. Say goodbye to the frustrations of slow, difficult rentals and embrace a better way to meet your tech needs.

Don’t settle for less when you can have a hassle-free, efficient rental experience. Contact today and discover how easy technology rentals can be!

When you choose to rent from us, you not only receive the finest equipment but also receive exceptional support from expert tech travel agents with extensive experience in technology rentals and event production. Our agents manage all delivery and installation logistics, allowing you to focus on your top priorities.

Tech Travel Agent Randy MooreOur account manager Randy Moore specializes in exhibitor rentals like displays, kiosks, event engagement rentals, laptops, tablets, smartphones, internet hotspots, accessory rentals, and much more. Randy will gladly handle any questions you may have regarding rentals to make your event exhibition easier. Contact Randy today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

Visit our PC & AV Rental Pricing Factors page to find out about our pricing estimates.

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