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Profits For Event Planners From Rentacomputer.comRentacomputer.com wants to assist  in providing technology rentals for your upcoming events and help generate revenue for your company!

If you are an event organizer, meeting planner or event professional, we have an order form program that would be a great addition to the event services you can offer at your next event. Rentacomputer.com is nationwide and can provide technology in small or large quantities. We offer anything from iPads to Video Walls and can have equipment delivered and setup right at the venue of your event.

This is how it works – below is a sample of an order form that you can provide to your event attendees to make it easy for them to source event technology rentals. Simply tell us the commission you would like to receive and we will customize the order form accordingly.

CFR Meeting Planners used the Rentacomputer.com order form program and chose to make a 20% commission on technology rentals at their January 2013 event. An exhibitor placed an order for (2) 50″ LCDs, (2) Core i3 Notebooks and (10) iPad2’s with a total cost of $1,500.00 including delivery, setup and pickup. With their chosen commission level, and with only the equipment listed above, CFR Meeting Planners made a commission in the amount of $520.00.

The order form program is just one option available for you to provide a great service and make money through Rentacomputer.com. Contact us today at 800-736-8772 with any questions or to discuss a custom order form for your event.

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