Is it About Time for a Smart Gun?

Gun manufacturers, like Mossberg are using technology to help cut down on gun violence.  They want to make a gun that can only be fired in the right hands. These guns would recognize a bracelet, a ring, your finger print, or even the unique way you grip your firearm.

For more than a decade, researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology have been working on a grip-recognizing gun similar to the one James Bond uses in “Skyfall.” Sensors on the grip would be similar to the touchpad on a laptop. It would measure the pressure applied and the size and shape of the hand holding the gun.

Donald Sebastian Senior VP for research at New Jersey Institute of Technology explains “While you’re pulling the trigger, you are applying a dynamically changing pattern of pressures onto that stock of that gun, and that’s what is actually individual to you and reproducible shot after shot,” he said.

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Source cnn

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