Which is Better For You: A Laptop Or A Desktop?

Are desktops better than laptopsWhen considering buying a new computer for home, or renting laptops  for the next training session at work, I wondered if there was any benefit to a laptop or desktop. It seems like so much of what we hear about today is the latest and greatest in laptops, notebooks, readers…. every thing portable. Some might argue that the desktop is a dying breed.  But yet, there is something that draws us back to the, dare I say it, nostalgic days of having that sturdy fixture placed firmly on the desk.

So how does one make such a costly decision? I want the high-performance and the modern efficiency without sacrificing affordability and convenience. Is that too much to ask? Well, let’s look at some facts. Laptops are portability with identity distinction. However, they are known to have fixed peripherals with limited upgrade options and usually don’t have discrete graphics. So we rate high on the convenience and chic factor if you choose a highly recognized or most recent name brand. Laptops can upgrade the RAM and hard drive but this is a small consideration since most desktop users don’t upgrade their systems during their lifetimes.Laptops-1 If you  are not a gamer or 3D artist the graphics issue is a mute point. Add-on upgrades are available for a pretty penny  and high graphics laptops tend to be large and heavy, thus knocking out the affordability factor if you are set on high graphics for gaming or design.

Now when considering desktops are you willing to buy a ready-made or do you want to create your own?  Ready-made desktops are not always as easy as buying a laptop for various reasons. You have to be sure you trust the vendor; are you  getting what you paid for?  While yes, it is a more affordable option, it comes with some risk. If you want to eliminate some of that risk, consider building your own custom desktop. You will swap affordability for reliability but be prepared to spend some time researching just exactly what you want in parts, power and performance. So bottom line….which is better is that which you feel most comfortable with.  It’s a very personal choice dependent upon your preferences and budget. My only advise is that you take the time to do a little research to find what is important and what are deal breakers before you invest in your next machine, whether it is a desktop or a laptop.

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  1. I’m a desktop guy all the way. I could never get used to the laptop keyboard, track ball and smaller screen. I don’t travel much anymore plus I have an iPad so I can live without a laptop.

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