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Save Money When Staff Fluctuates

When Staff Fluctuates Renting Technology Can Save MoneyDid you know that if your company uses seasonal employees or experiences fluctuations in staffing a short term technology rental from can save you time and money!

Such situations are very common during this time of year as a lot of companies bring on extra staff to make it through the holidays. After the holidays, it’s the start of Tax Season and accounting firms across the country hire staff to handle the influx of work that needs to be done before Tax Day.

Obviously, the most common seasonal jobs are in retail. Retail employers depend on seasonal and part-time employees during the end-of-year holiday season. With people out shopping in droves retailers need all the people they can get though they aren’t the only industries that hire during this time of year. Distributors, shippers, and others involved in moving inventory are also likely to experience staff fluctuations during the holidays.

With this fluctuation in staffing comes a fluctuation in technology needs. If your employees have a reliance on certain pieces of technology, then it stands to reason that when you hire extra staff you will need extra equipment, such as laptops, tablets, desktops, and even copiers.

Rent Short Term Technology For Short-Term Employees

Temporary Technology For Temporary Staff Saves MoneySo what do you do? You could buy all the equipment you need, but that doesn’t make sense, does it? Let’s say you hire an extra 10 employees for the busy holiday season. Ok, that’s 10 extra pieces of equipment that you need. How long are these employees going to be on staff? A couple weeks? Maybe two months? Does it really make sense to buy 10 laptops or 10 iPads for these temporary employees? Absolutely not! If you buy the equipment then it’s just going to sit in storage for the rest of the year, which is highly wasteful.

But let’s take a different approach. Let’s say you had the option of having those 10 laptops or 10 iPads for precisely the amount of time you needed them, like the exact amount of time you were going to have those temporary employees working for you. Well, that’s perfect isn’t it? You get exactly what you need for exactly as long as you need it. This means you aren’t wasting money on buying something you are only going to need once a year. That’s where a short term technology rental comes in.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Renting 10 iPads Is Cheaper Than Buying 10 iPadsBy renting iPads or laptops for your temporary/seasonal employees, you can save your company a lot of money. A WiFi-only iPad Air 2 will cost you $499 minimum if purchased new. Multiply that by the 10 employees you’ve hired and that’s $5,000 you’re spending on technology that you’re not going to be using the other 11 months of the year.

Now let’s compare that to renting these iPads instead. A single iPad rental for one month will run you $85. Multiply that by the 10 iPads you need and you’re only looking at $850. Think about that for a second. You are getting the exact same iPads for less than one-fifth of the price! And the best part? When you’re seasonal employment period is finished and you no longer need the extra help, you just send the iPads back! You don’t have to worry about finding a place to store them and you don’t have to be haunted by the memory that you just spent $5,000 on iPads that will sit in a closet for the next 11 months.

Added Benefits To Renting

Computer For Classroom Training Saves MoneyTo make things even better this year, and every year, your rentals will be the latest models. This prevents the problem of having the iPads or laptops that you bought last year, that have been sitting in a box for 11 months, from being outdated or needing serious software updates by the time they are once again pressed into service.

To make sure you’re always ahead of the game, you can have your rental equipment preloaded with your apps or imaged to be an exact match of your software configuration, so your employees will be instantly productive.


Whenever it occurs, if your business is in full swing and your staff is fluctuating, the last thing you need is more stress. That’s why renting the short term technology you need is the perfect solution. Not only do you get the latest technology but you also save yourself a lot of time and money. Would you rather spend $5,000 or $850? The answer is simple. Call us at today at 800-736-8772, email us at, or click here for a rental quote, to learn more about how we can help.

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