CBT Initiatives Giving you a Headache? (Computer Training Rentals)

Save Time and Money with Training Computer, Projector and Sound System Equipment Rentals.

Even if you own all the equipment you need for a CBT training session you will save money by using the installation services of Rentacomputer.com. Your Tech Travel Agent coordinates everything technical so you can concentrate on the execution of your computer training program.

CBT trainers can become technicians very quickly when training computer equipment doesn’t work properly. CBT planners and trainers know how difficult it can be to ‘work out all the bugs’ before, during and after each training program. Execution is the key to training results and efficiencies.

If 20% of the computers don’t work, you can have a training disaster on your hands.
Add up all the costs and distractions from your computer training goals. Put a value on your time, say $100 per hour. Now multiply the time you and your staff spent on hardware setup, delivery, installation, maintenance and removal. Keep in mind that all computers need to have the same configuration to maximize productivity.

Rentacomputer.com Tech Travel Agents are experts in getting the classroom training hardware and software you need. We remember the pieces and parts that easily get overlooked by even experienced CBT organizers.

Your total costs and total frustration are way, way lower with Rentacomputer.com.
Hire a Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com to assist you in planning your next computer training session.

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