Delaware Computer Rentals

Delaware Computer Rentals

Delaware may be the second smallest state in the nation but what it lacks in physical size, it makes up for with the size of its economy. With the 9th largest per capita income in the nation, Delaware’s economy has been known to perform better than that of the United States as a whole. Having such a large economy in such a small place means several professionals traveling in and out of the state for business each month. Traveling professionals often depend on computer and other technology rentals to avoid having to travel with heavy, awkward equipment and carry it through airport security.

This is where can help. We currently have eleven Tech-Army Troops in Delaware, waiting to help you with your technology rental needs, whether you need desktops, laptops, audio visual equipment, staging equipment, plasma TVs, projectors, or any other technology. Unlike most companies who rely on one vendor, at, we have many different resources lined up to help you find exactly what you need. Once you have determined what you need, a local Tech-Army Troop member will not only deliver the equipment to your event or business, but they will install and test the technology and make sure it’s working to your satisfaction

If you are in Delaware, traveling to Delaware or anywhere in North America, please visit our website at to get a fast quote on Computer and Technology rentals. Or call 1-800-736-8772 today to book your equipment today.

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