Great Ideas for Going Green at Meetings and Events

Going Green at Corporate Meetings and EventsIn recent years, the issue of corporate responsibility has become a relatively new problem facing businesses and corporations who have found themselves scrambling to prove their green credentials. “Going green” is a corporate responsibility that is almost always entirely voluntary, constantly falling onto the shoulders of conscious employees and supervisors who wish to promote only the most responsible corporate behavior.

However, making a major shift towards green sustainability takes years of planning and policy implementation which may not be feasible for every business out there. The new model for going green, instead, focuses on the ability to save your company capital as well as resources with immediate results. For convention planners, exhibitors, host facilities and vendors of all kinds, highlighted are green and money saving ideas for your trade show or event.

1. Utilize Lightweight Booths

Just because there is a recessionary economy doesn’t mean you need to downsize your marketing budget, which could hurt your company in the long run. Instead, consider the next generation of lightweight booth designs which will save you a bundle on shipping and fuel costs with the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. New wrinkle-resistant fabrics and plastics are made from over 80% recycled material and are stretched over recyclable aluminum frames. This allows different panels to be swapped in and out of an event at your discretion to create unique looks at various events. New retractable banner stands take the same exact same approach and are easy to set up, completely recyclable, and weigh in at 10-15 pounds each.

2. Minimize paper, Maximize wireless

Literally thousands of sheets of paper are wasted at nearly every single meeting and convention located in the United States. This problem has compounded so much that even state agencies are taking a stand by certifying convention centers that adhere to their guidelines as “green.” The overall purpose of this is to minimize the use of paper as much as possible by making online registration the preferred method for confirming attendance and by delivering program materials via PDF downloads and other eco-friendly means. In addition, convention centers are rapidly deploying their own wireless networks in an effort to capture more business and so exhibitors can be prepared to distribute post-conference materials by download rather than in printed form.

3. Coordinate Transportation

Even when a conference or event is held in a single location, all attendees should be encouraged to carpool, walk and use alternatives to single-passenger cars such as public transportation. Conference managers may be able to strike a deal with local public transportation agencies for discounted prices, and even the act of simply providing fare information has shown to increase the use of public transportation and carpools among event participants. Exhibitors who use for their convention rentals need not worry about transporting any equipment to the site as Rentacomputer’s certified technicians can take care of delivery, setup, installation, and breakdown anywhere in the United States and Canada.

4. Cultivate the Proper Mindset

All types of conference participants, from attendees to exhibitors to public speakers, should be encouraged to do their part and support reduced waste and increased recycling. A green mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but through careful planning and the desire to better your business you can take charge and take the first few steps towards a greener tomorrow. Not only are you doing the environment a favor, but you’ll be saving some green while being more green yourself. Rentacomputer can help you towards a greener future since we ourselves have expert knowledge concerning conventions, trade shows, and events of all kinds. On top of that, we are the premier source for the latest computer rentals, plasma monitors, audio-visual equipment and video walls that are sure to make your exhibit a success.

5. Utilize a Tech Travel Agent©

By using a Tech Travel Agent©, manpower and inventory are already in local markets. This minimizes shipping and paying a tech to travel… which helps keep our planet green. Take the first step in making your next event environmentally friendly by utilizing the services of a Tech Travel Agent©. Tech Travel Agents© coordinate the various technicians and engineers to install and manage everything including: laptop computers, iPads, sound, projectors, rigging, lighting, staging, pipe & drape, media servers and other event equipment.


Call us today at 1-800-736-8772 or fill out a Quick Rental Quote Request and an experienced Tech Travel Agent will personally attend to your needs.

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