Companies are Losing Money on Problem Projectors

Companies are Losing Money on Problem Equipment

According to a study conducted by the multinational electronics manufacturing company Casio, companies all around the world are losing millions of dollars each year due to meeting room equipment.  This is mostly due to poor knowledge of how the equipment works and poor equipment set-up.

The study showed that projectors are proving to be the most troublesome pieces of equipment.  At least 46% of those who particpated said they have had problems with their projectors in the last year.  The study also showed that poor projector maintenance or lack of knowledge of proper projector maintenance was the biggest culprit when it came to malfunctioning projectors.

Does this sound like your company?  Do you spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on equipment you may only use a few times a month or year, equipment that you aren’t really sure how to maintain and that quickly becomes outdated?  If so, there is a solution for you. offers projector rentals and other temporary technology for your meeting room.  By renting a projector instead of purchasing one, you’ll solve a number of problems:

  • You’ll save money by paying for the projector only during the times you’re using it.
  • You’ll save time because our technicians will deliver the projector to your office and set it up whenever, wherever you need it.
  • You won’t have to learn how to maintain your equipment because you’ll only use it for a short period of time and if you have any problems, our technicians are ready and waiting to help.
  • You won’t have to worry about having the latest technology because every time you rent a projector, we’ll provide you with the the most modern technology available.

These are just a few reasons you should rent a projector for your meeting room.  Go ahead and call today at 1-800-736-8772  to start saving your company’s time and money!!

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