WiFi Hotspots for Everybody

WiFi hotspotSometimes I look at my life and wonder, “How did we live without technology?” Technology just makes so many things so much easier that it is quite literally baffling to me sometimes. Just think about all the things your laptop can do. Its portability makes it the perfect device to manage your down time wherever you are. The next time you want to take a break from your busy day-to-day life, bring your laptop along. There are numerous places you can find free WiFi, you just need to know where to look.

Coffee shops are a main one. Loads of people like to take 30 minutes or so out of their day and have a coffee break. Starbucks and loads of other coffee houses offer free WiFi at most of their locations and some companies even train their employees to assist customers with basic problems when it comes to WiFi.

Everybody needs a lunch break and there are tons of restaurants that are perfect for lunch that also incorporate free WiFi. Panera Bread is one such place. This bakery/cafe is the perfect lunch spot, especially if you bring your laptop along. The free WiFi and freshly baked goods go together like PB&J.

How many of you have ever had to get your oil changed and been stuck in the waiting room of a boring auto shop? Yeah, me too. There is only so much enjoyment you can get from looking at pamphlets of tires, which is where a laptop comes in handy. Every EZ Lube location has free WiFi.

Ice cream is always acceptable, no matter what time of year it is. Nothing is quite as good as sitting down on a hot summer day and relaxing with some cool refreshing ice cream. If you can’t find anybody to go with you or you prefer some alone time, consider Ben & Jerry’s. All Ben & Jerry’s locations now offer free WiFi as well, making enjoying that triple scoop of double chocolate chip even better.

Other places, like fast food restaurants, book stores and even gas stations all offer free WiFi making the ability to connect to the internet anywhere even easier. So the next time you find yourself out and about and you want to take a few minutes to relax, consider some of the above locations and let your laptop tag along. You may just find your new favorite hobby.

Source: News Channel 10 – 7 places to find free Wi-Fi

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