Green Computer Rental Technology

If you need computers and or audio visual equipment in 1000 cities, you could deal with 1000 different suppliers or you could contact one Tech Travel Agent© from A Tech Travel Agent© books technology and manpower at travel destinations, worldwide. If you need technology at a trade show, training seminar or conference consider utilizing the services of a Tech Travel Agent©.

Only a Tech Travel Agent© can deliver a seamless multivendor solution on a single invoice at a the lowest cost.

The “Green Event” Solution
Manpower and Inventory are already in local markets. This minimizes shipping and tech travel which helps keep our planet green.

Larger Inventory, Lower Competitive Event Prices

By bringing in competition you benefit with lower prices. Tech Travel Agents© work with multiple vendors in overlapping markets and have access to a larger local inventory and labor force than any single company. Vendors compete on wholesale price and product quality in all markets.

Tech Travel Agents© from have the capability to deliver more solutions to more locations than any single company on the planet.

Find out for yourself.  Get a rental quote here and see if we don’t have the best deal on equipment and manpower for your next event. Or call Toll Free 800 Rent-R-PC or 800-736-8772 or email

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