AV Equipment Rentals

Audio Visual RentalsThere are thousands of uses for audio visual equipment rentals like for entertainment, marketing, educating, or any other time you want to display digital information. Rentacomputer and our skilled Tech Travel Agents can assist you in acquiring all kinds of AV equipment, just name it. Tech Travel Agents are your one point of contact for your AV Equipment rental, they handle everything, not just the acquisition of your equipment. That includes shipping, setup, installation and support. You save time and money and you gain peace of mind by letting your TTA handle your rental.

The best times to get AV rentals is for temporary needs like out of town meetings, conventions, trade shows, sporting events, film screenings, product launches and so much more. It doesnt matter whether your event is for a personal party of 5 people or a corporate event for 500 people. Whatever your AV equipment needs are, Rentacomputer has you covered with projector rentals, plasma TV rentals, sound and lighting rentals. We can even help you obtain a full line of Event Rental Equipment. Call Rentacomputer today at 1-800-736-8772

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