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LCD monitorOne of the key things to any computer setup is a monitor. I mean, really, what good is a computer if you don’t have a screen to see what you are doing? Many people that like to set up tables or booths at conventions, conferences or trade shows around the country usually like to have some kind of computer setup there. Whether they are using it for demonstration purposes or to gather information on contacts they meet or potential customers, computers are essential.

However, while in many instances  a laptop might be completely adequate for your computing needs, there are other times when a full-fledged computer is a necessity. The only problem with those times is that transporting everything you need for your computer, like your tower, mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor, can be a major hassle. It is definitely easier to just take a few things but then you have to leave something behind and that just won’t work.

However, has another option for you. Pack up your tower and your peripherals and leave your monitor behind and opt for an LCD Monitor Rental from LCD monitor rentals are perfect for trade shows and business presentations, allowing you to have a nice, bright display to show information to people visiting your booth or attending your meeting.

A Tech Travel Agent from can supply you with any name brand LCD monitor you want, from HP and Dell to Acer, LG, Panasonic and even LG. Sizes range from a modest 17″ to a big, beautiful 32″ screen on all LCD rentals, so whatever your visual technology needs are you can have them fulfilled by

In addition to that, every LCD monitor rental from comes with local delivery, setup and installation from a local, professional technician and when you’re done, that same technician will dismantle everything and take it off your hands, leaving you free to handle whatever else you need.

So the next time you are headed to a convention, trade show or conference, leave your computer monitor behind and rent one from By going with a company that has been in the computer and technology rental business for over 20 years, you know you are getting the quality and assurance you expect. is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!
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