Keep Your Entertainment Classy

If you are planning a large event, providing some form of entertainment is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Unlike mere speaking engagements, forms of entertainment such as music or magic shows etc. require a certain special touch regarding the technology that is used. The difference between professional grade equipment and low grade equipment can be the difference between an impressive performance and an absolute disaster.

A typical solution for needs such as these is to simply rely on the event’s venue to provide the needed technology and hope that the equipment is not overused and the venue’s staff knows what they are doing. This is always an uncomfortable risk, but it’s not one that you must take. Renting the technology you need from a third party rental company is a much better option because you will always get gently used technology that is configured specifically for your entertainment needs.

Sound Systems For Musical Performance
It is very hard to go wrong with providing musical entertainment at a large event, assuming the music is appropriate for the type of event you are planning. There are as many different ways to configure a sound system rental as there are styles of music, and the style of music you will be providing will ultimately determine how your Tech Travel Agent will configure your rental so that it suits your musical needs.

If, for example, you want to hire an orchestra to perform, the sound system rental will look much different than a system you will rent if you are hiring a rock band or a solo artist. An orchestral or a choir arrangement may require hanging microphones with a broad capture range, a number of microphones for soloists or lead instruments, and a soundboard with the appropriate capacity. A rock band on the other hand may require mics for each band member or instrument, along with an appropriate soundboard, or even in-ear monitors, etc. In short, making sure that your event’s musical entertainment has the equipment it needs is crucial, and relying on the venue to provide the needed equipment is simply too risky.

Lighting Systems For Visual Performances
Music isn’t the only form of entertainment one can provide. There are various types of performances that are more visually based, such as dance and gymnastic performances or magic shows. Having a dynamic lighting setup is crucial for putting on a good visual performance. Our agents can provide spotlights, lighting systems with programmable movement patterns, and lighting sails. Most venues only provide very generic lighting systems, with little dynamic capacity, so using a Tech Travel Agent to get the lighting system rental you need opens up a lot of options.

So, keep it classy! Call if you need high quality sound and lighting equipment for your event’s entertainment.

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