Don’t Make Puppets Out of Your Socks, Get Your Technology from

sad sock puppetRenting from a convention center is just ridiculous! Why rent from a convention center and pay those outrageous prices when you could get everything you need and more from at a much more affordable price? To me the choice is simple, renting your convention and trade show needs from is so much easier than renting from a convention center, and it could save you more than just money too.’s newest commercial has some great reasons as to why you should never rent from a convention center. If you rent from a convention center then you will probably spend way too much money doing so. If you spend too much money then you won’t be able to afford lunch. If you can’t afford lunch you’ll get really grouchy.

Nobody likes grouchy people, especially when you have to be around them for extended periods of time. If you get really grouchy, your friends won’t want to be around you. If your friends don’t want to be around you, then you’ll start to get really lonely. If you get really lonely, then you will want to make some new friends.

The only problem is that real people don’t want to be friends with grouchy people so, in order to make friends, you’ll make puppets out of your socks. If you make puppets out of your socks then you will have to walk around barefoot. If you’re walking around barefoot then you won’t be allowed into the convention center.

If you aren’t allowed into the convention center then you will miss your convention, conference or trade show. If you miss your trade show, you’ll lose business, customers and even more money. So don’t lose your friends, don’t miss lunch, don’t get grouchy, don’t lose money and, for the benefit of us all, don’t make puppets out of your socks.

Get all of your convention and trade show equipment needs from, not your convention center. The reasons are obvious. Not only will you have the latest technology in the industry but you will also save a lot of money doing it, plus you’ll get to keep your socks.

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