Make Event Planning Simple with a Complete Sound System Rental

soundboard rentalsHaving top quality sound is key if you find your event growing larger and larger each year. When the crowds grow larger and larger, it becomes harder and harder for everybody to hear everything you want them to. However, if you have a top notch sound system, that problem becomes a thing of the past.

The bad thing about sound systems is that they are usually expensive and a real pain in the neck to take with you on the road. Packing up all that equipment also requires extra storage, like trucks or trailers, which adds to your overall cost and hassle when on the road to a convention or conference.

If you want to cut out all that extra time, money, stress and hassle while still having a high-grade sound system, then you could always rent a sound system from has everything you could possibly need in terms of a high-quality sound system rental.

If your event is growing each year, a wireless microphone may be a good solution. Whoever is presenting wears the small microphone on his or her lapel with the microphone connected to a transmitter. This allows you to have complete freedom when moving around the stage and also frees your hands up for other things, like products you may want to show to your audience.

In addition to microphone rentals, also offers speakers and amplifiers. offers a plethora of speaker and amplifier rentals for any size event. Whether you need a single speaker for a trade show booth or a fully stocked setup for your own conference, your Tech Travel Agent can make it happen.

You can’t run a sound system without a soundboard, which can also provide for you. You can get whatever type of soundboard you need for your event, including 4 to 12 input mixing tables. You also don’t have to worry about setting up or taking any of this stuff down either as your Tech Travel Agent will ensure a professional engineer will be on hand to handle everything for you, including troubleshooting and repair.

Make your event planning and execution a lot simpler by renting all of your sound system needs with With over 25 years of experience in the industry of technology and computer rentals, knows its way around a convention, conference, trade show or event and is your one stop shop for all of your sound system rental needs.

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  1. Hi!

    I would like to rent some sound equipment for my wedding (on 5th august 2016). Could you give me a budget, please?
    Our dinner space has 220 square meters. I think that we need a power amplifier, columns and a mixer. But I would like to hear your advice about that.

    Thanks in advance
    Kind regards
    Vânia Infante

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