Netbook and Ultraportable Rentals for the Traveling Businessman

netbook rentalTraveling businessmen need the latest in portable technology when they are on the go. Standard laptops are awesome when traveling but even they can become cumbersome and too much of a burden. That is why laptop developers have started creating Netbooks and Ultraportable laptops. These devices are sleek, highly portable and come with the latest in mobile computing.

Ultraportable and Netbook laptops can be expensive, which is why many on-the-go businessmen decide to rent Ultraportable and Netbook laptops instead. A rental from allows you to have the latest in mobile computing in the palm of your hands without having to throw down the big bucks required for purchasing one.

In addition to that, a rental is very flexible. You can get a Netbook or Ultraportable rental for however long you need it. Need one for one day? No problem. Need one for 4 months? Easy. No matter what you need or how long you need it, can set you up with the perfect Ultraportable and Netbook rental.

One of the best things about a rental from is that you can have any type of software you want pre-loaded on your rental. No matter how many rentals you need, whether it be 1 or 100, you can get every single device loaded with specific software suites, like Microsoft Office or your company’s own specific software.’s Tech Travel Agent is also your single point of contact for your entire rental experience. Your Tech Travel Agent will handle every aspect of your rental including the exact number of Netbooks and Ultraportable laptops you need, when you need them and where you want them delivered. You can get them delivered directly to your convention center or your office, wherever is more convenient for you.

If you think an Ultraportable or Netbook would be perfect for you but you don’t want to spend the money, a rental is the perfect solution for you! All you have to do is head on over to and get a fast and easy rental quote from a Tech Travel Agent.

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  1. If only for the protection of their own hardware and the protection of the data they keep on it, I think a lightweight laptop rental makes great sense for the occasional business trip.

  2. Don’t forget tablets and iPads are also available for rent.

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