Migrating from One Server to Another? File Server Rentals Can Make the Process Fast and Simple!

file server rentalsServers are the backbone of any computer infrastructure. When the servers go down, panic sets in as nobody can complete their work. This is a particularly troubling time for management as it can be very hard to have a server fixed onsite. In some cases the server needs to be completely removed before you can fix it, leaving you without a major piece of your business.

Whenever servers crash or break down, many companies turn to renting a file server for a quick and temporary fix until their main server is repaired. Renting a file server is a great solution for temporary basic file storage and print server needs. They can be extremely useful when moving to a new location, migrating from one server to another, performing an in place upgrade or if you need a temporary replacement while you wait on the permanent solution.

A file server rental from Rentacomputer.com is also a great idea because your servers can be completely customized to your exact specifications. They can come pre-loaded with any type of software you need and even come with the latest software already on them, like Windows Server 2008.

Windows Server 2008 has many key features that can boost productivity and help administrators gain control over many areas. In addition to that, vast improvements have been made to desktop virtualization through Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services.

No matter what you need a temporary file server for, how many temporary file servers you need or how long you need them, Rentacomputer.com can handle it. Your Tech Travel Agent is your single point of contact for your entire rental period and will handle every aspect of your rental from acquiring the necessary equipment and having it delivered to having it professionally installed and picked up when you are all finished.

If you need a temporary file server for any reason at all then a file server rental from Rentacomputer.com is a smart choice. Rentacomputer.com has been in the computer and technology industry for over 25 years and understands the needs of businesses who need temporary technology whenever they are in a bind.


  1. Ha! Took a call for this very thing today. Guy was doing a total server move and he needed two temp servers to put online during the process. Renting then becomes a brilliant option!

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