Keep in Contact with Your Convention Center Team with Nextel Radio Rentals

Nextel Radio RentalsAnyone who has ever set foot in a convention or conference knows just how massive they can be. Twisting corridors of booths, tables, presenters and people can make it very easy to get separated from your team or lose a man in the crowd. It is also a hassle trying to keep everyone organized, especially if you need people going to different places and doing different things.

Keeping in contact with your team at a convention or conference is key if you want to make the most out of your trip and doing so is easy if you rent a Nextel radio setup for you and your team. Nextel rentals make perfect sense when you need a phone for things like corporate events, company marketing projects, temporary offices, conventions, trade shows or conferences.

Renting Nextel radios for you and your team is also a way to keep productivity at peak performance or to make sure that you and your team stay on schedule when you can’t physically be there to do so yourself. In addition to that, Nextel radio rentals from save you money because they can reduce capital expenditures when they are not absolutely necessary.

One of the more popular Nextel radio rentals that offers is the Nextel i570. The i570 has increased durability thanks to a refined rubber overmold, an advanced user interface with one-touch shortcuts to phone features, an icon driven menu, 5-way navigation, GPS-enabled, direct send, speakerphone, group connect, high audio speaker and voice-activated dialing.

A Tech Travel Agent from can set you up with any type of Nextel radio rental you need and can even get you all the bells and whistles to go along with it. Most Nextel rentals from include a wall charger, case, belt clip, phone number and a dedicated line so you and your team can keep in direct contact at all times if need be.

If you and your team are tired of losing each other in those big conventions or conferences and you want a great way to stay in contact with each other, a Nextel radio rental from is your best bet. With local delivery and full customer support in case anything goes wrong, coupled with over 25 years of experience in the industry, nobody is more trusted than

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