Expands to 1,5000 Cities! 1500 started as a small business in Middletown, Ohio and began with only a few customers. But that was over 25 years ago and since that time, has prospered into one of the top computer and technology rental companies in the world. But just exactly how large is Well, since it started, has expanded its business to service over 1,500 cities and convention centers!

In the past, if a company or an individual needed equipment in multiple cities, they needed to contact multiple vendors. Not anymore. With’s Tech Travel Agents, a business has the opportunity to contact a single Tech Travel Agent from to book event equipment and technicians anywhere, anytime and for however long you need it.

Tech Travel Agents work in local markets with local inventories and local manpower in all the 1,500 cities it services. has thousands of top-rated audio visual and computer rental industry professionals that are dedicated to getting you whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Your personal Tech Travel Agent will handle every aspect of your rental, including the acquisition of your equipment, its delivery, installation and pickup. In addition to that, your Tech Travel Agent will provide you with customer service for your entire rental period, no matter what happens.

Within these 1,500 cities, Tech Travel Agents work with the most qualified professionals in the market where the equipment is needed the most. No matter what your market is, Tech Travel Agents have access to industry professionals from multiple sources in every single major market, guaranteeing equipment availability and professional assistance.

No matter what kind of technology rental you need, no matter where you need it and no matter when you have to have it, and a professional Tech Travel Agent will make it happen. With services offered in 1,500 cities, nobody has a more diverse program than

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