Don’t Forget About the Little Things, Like Computer Peripherals

Closeup wireless routerThere is more to the computer rental market than simply computer rentals. Sure, you can rent things like a desktop or a laptop or even something like a tablet or a server. However, many people overlook something they need if they are looking into a computer rental, computer peripheral rentals.

Computer peripherals are any accessory items that you might want or need with your computer rental, whether it is a laptop, desktop or tablet PC. Making sure you have all the right accessories with your computer rental can be vital and these are often things that renters do not already have or may easily forget at home. has a wide variety of computer peripheral rentals in its inventory, all of which are reliable and affordable. In addition to being reliable and affordable,’s computer peripheral rentals can also be acquired anywhere in the United States and Canada and even in some parts of Mexico and the United Kingdom. Some of the computer peripheral rentals offered by include:

Gigabit Switches – If your rental consists of multiple computers that will need to be operated simultaneously by various users, you may need a gigabit switch. A gigabit switch will allow you to connect all of your computer rentals to a single LAN source. offers a variety of gigabit switch rentals including an 8 Port 100/1000 Gigabit Switch or a 24 Port 100/1000 Gigabit Switch.

Wireless Routers – Wireless routers are vital if you need to wirelessly connect to the internet. Wireless routers are also vital if you are trying to put together an interactive trade show booth or need event planners and maintenance personnel to stay connected via their laptops or tablets. has many wireless router rentals including a Cisco/Linksys 4 Port Wireless Router.

Conference Phones – One extremely handy device to have if you need to keep in contact with multiple collaborators is a conference phone. These allow you to speak with everybody on your team at the same time and expedite your project logistics. can set you up with a variety of conference phones, including a Polycom Soundstation, for your next conference, convention or trade show.

So the next time you are thinking about a computer rental, think about a computer peripheral rental as well. There is nothing worse than showing up at your next convention, conference or trade show with all your computer rental equipment ready to go, only to find out that you left your wireless router back at the office.

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