Windows Blue: Worth the Wait?

Rent Computers with Windows OSWoody Leonhard of InfoWorld was able to spend some quality time with a pirated copy of the Windows Blue that was leaked and has determined it is “the least interesting update to Windows ever.”

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation over the new version of Windows that is expected to arrive around August.  With the tepid user reviews on Windows 8, Microsoft has the perfect opportunity to win back its widely dissatisfied consumers.

Unfortunately, that opportunity seems to have fallen flat and will leave Windows users feeling less than enthusiastic again.

Leonhard worked for the better part of a day exploring the leaked copy of Windows Blue and says, “If your idea of a compelling upgrade to Windows involves a Metro Start screen where – OMG! OMG! – the tiles can be either bigger or smaller, hey, have I got a product for you.”

Overall, his review sited that the only changes were that the metro tile size can be adjusted larger or smaller.  Metro Snap can show two apps on screen, side by side by simply clicking and dragging.  Up to four tiles can be displayed at equal size but he didn’t think it was as flexible as Toolbox for Windows 8.  Metro’s PC Settings screen has many more options than before.  The device’s charm now includes play, print and project from the start screen although Leonhard was skeptical at exactly how that would work.  There is Internet Explorer 11, but he didn’t find any difference from today’s Internet Explorer 10.

“I couldn’t find one, single, solitary change – much less an improvement – to the old-fashioned Windows Desktop,” says Leonhard.  Ouch!  Well, at least Windows has some time to make adjustments based on initial reviews, if they choose to make changes.  Who knows, the final released version of Blue may not resemble in any way, shape or form the pirated version of today.  However, if past reactions (or non-reaction) to Windows 8 complaints is any indication, you might not want to hold your breath on this one either.

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