4 Ways Your Guests Can Have More Fun at Your Wedding With Technology

Rent iPads for Your PartyWedding season is ramping up in full force. The final decisions are being made, now is the time to put your guests to work for you while they have even more fun at your wedding!
Rent an iPad for each table at your reception. Before your dad screams “No More!” and runs out the door with his wallet, consider this….

  • Photographers are paid by the hour.
  • Photographers cannot be in all places at one time.
  • Memories and fun are happening faster than one photographer can capture them.

Here are 4 reasons to include technology at your wedding reception.

  1. Remove down time between end of ceremony and arrival of wedding party to the reception.  Have an iPad on each table and as guests are settling in and getting seated, the iPad can be looping a video of the couple’s history together with a final message to touch an icon on the screen to add video or text message to the happy couple.
  2. Leave instructions on the table to allow guests to tweet throughout the reception on a special account set up ahead of time so your happy day can be shared in multiple ways, multiple times with anyone who might not have been able to attend.
  3. Set up a YouTube account ahead of time and have your guests add videos of the things they are enjoying at your reception. You will be able to go back and watch them later and enjoy many things you did not get to see and enjoy at the reception itself.
  4. Let your photographer go after the ceremony.  With the iPads your guests can capture 100s more photos than just one photographer possibly ever could. You have just eased your budget by 3 or 4 hours of photographer charges and now have hundreds of photos to keep forever!

Now, here is the best part of all! When your event is over, your rental equipment is picked up by our technicians or simply placed back in it’s box and sent back. You will have little else to do but enjoy all of the videos and pictures when you return from your honeymoon.

This same concept can be used at any big gathering, like a family reunion, anniversary or wedding.  Contact a Tech Travel Agent about an iPad rental in your area today to get the memories started!

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