Personal Laptop Rentals For Remote Job Interviews

Many companies are turning to using laptops to conduct job interviews in order to cut costs, save time, and boost efficiency. If you are looking to expand your business and need the best of the best on your team, sometimes you have to look beyond your home town. Flights are far too pricey, and phone calls aren’t as personal and you can’t get the same type of information from just listening to someones voice. Using Skype to conduct your interviews is by far one of the best choices that you could make for growing your business.

Some things that you should know before using Skype:

Make sure you have a good laptop and good internet connection.

You, as the interviewer, should set the bar. You should know your tech and make sure that it is operating correctly and you have a good internet connection. Let’s say you are in the middle of your interview, and something goes wrong on your end which causes the connection to be lost. That’s not a good look on your end and speaks volumes about the professionalism of you and your company. Though this is probably the cheapest and most efficient way to conduct an interview, and probably the only perfect way to conduct long distance interviews, you do need to put some effort into making sure that everything you are using is working properly and up to industry standards.

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Consider the setting.

One great thing about video interviewing is that you can see the person you are interviewing as if they were right in front of you. You can see their facial expressions and read their body language. You can also see their surroundings, which lets you see into their personal life a little bit. This lets you know if the person is taking the interview seriously enough to either clean up a bit or find a professional setting to be interviewed in. BUT, you have to worry about the same thing now. You don’t want to be interviewing someone in your bedroom. If your office has a conference room, it is highly recommended to take advantage of that space to conduct your video interview.

Getting set up ahead of time.

Many of the nations large chain stores do not offer personal laptop rentals like we do here at Remember though, it takes a few days for products to ship to you, so make sure that you plan ahead and have your laptop ready on time, or before you schedule your interview.

Video interviewing is one of the most convenient ways to find that perfect person for the job, and also make sure that you are spending your money wisely by avoiding having to pay travel expenses when bringing a new person on board. It also allows you to conduct multiple interviews in one day without any setup time or transition time between each one. With this new idea, you can even schedule interviews for times that aren’t during normal business hours so that you can stay productive during your work day and focus on the tasks at hand. It’s a great way to keep your business running smoothly, boost productivity, and save time and money.

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