Wearable Computing Conference 2014

Wearable tech is on the brink of changing mankind forever. It is eventually going to change how we work, how we play, and how we accomplish tasks on a daily basis. The Wearable Computing Conference is a huge convention that is dedicated to all things wearable tech, and how it is changing the worlds of mobile wireless internet, fashion, and even health care. The conference is held in San Francisco on March 18th, 2014 from 9AM to 7PM.

Wearable tech hasn’t been taken so seriously in it’s early days. But this new generation of products has the potential to make huge breakthroughs in nearly every industry and make open doors that we didn’t even know were there. With all of the new products like the Apple iWatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the highly anticipated Google Glass that will let you control any computing device that you may have with you at the moment, the possibilities are almost endless and it will surely have huge affects on economic, social, and personal situations alike.

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This isn’t only going to change how we work. Wearable tech is already making it’s way into the daily lives of many early adopters. Integrating wearable tech into your life is going to enhance pretty much any experience that you will allow it to. Whether we know it right now or not, it is going to be looked at as one of the biggest advancements that man has ever made.

The content of the conference is going to mainly focus on how it’s attendees can take advantage of current situations and turn them into something profitable. There will be tons of networking opportunities and participants will have plenty of opportunities to learn new things and extend their reach through networking. It is a chance to meet people, advance your career, get a huge stack of business cards and make new connections. The list of featured speaker and panelists is quite extensive, and they will be speaking on the most relevant topics for the time and place, so you are sure to walk away from this with a wealth of information that could seem like it was made specifically for you and your own needs.

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