Apple Releasing A New 8GB iPhone 5C Today?

According to a crazy amount of new reports, Apple might be aiming to stir up the entire smartphone market with the release of an 8GB iPhone 5C.

The information first appeared on two German blog sites, and then MacRumors released some information saying that the 8GB iPhone 5C could actually hit the market as early as today, which is pretty short notice. Currently, Apple offers the iPhone 5C in a 16GB version and a 32GB version. The new 8GB version would be available in all of the same colors that are currently offered for the other versions. The 8GB model would be an entry level iPhone, the most affordable version of the already super affordable iPhone.

As far as price goes, one of the claims is that it will be about $100 cheaper than the 16GB version of the phone. This comes from the German site Caschys Blog, who got the information from a German retailer. This pricing information should be taken with a grain of salt, but from experience we know that when this type of information pops up, it’s pretty accurate.

The other tips are coming from a different German blogging site called iFun. They say that the phone will launch today. MacRumors has also stated that the 8GB iPhone 5C has already shipped to different retailers all over the UK. Engadget has also posted a picture of the phone’s packaging, supposedly proving that it actually exists, making all of the other information more credible.

So far, the iPhone 5C hasn’t made very much of an impact. The iPhone 5S is more expensive and still outsells the 5C by a ton. If these rumors and pictures are real, this could mean that the 5C might become a lot more popular and make up for its weak sales. It would really open up iPhone sales to a whole new demographic and might even contend with Android when it comes to mid-range smartphone sales.

Yesterday, a report from Umeng, an analytics company based out of China, said that the 5C only accounted for 2 percent of the traffic on its network. The iPhone 5 and 5S had much larger numbers, meaning that people would rather use their old iPhone 5 than get the newer 5C. The dislike for the 5C is global. Dropping the price and making a more affordable product might change the game completely for Apple, and maybe they can take over the market that Android has been ruling since the start.

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