CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 Routers Are Perfect For Keeping Your Business Connected

MBR1400LE_v2The CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 Integrated Business Series Routers are the perfect solution to many different connectivity needs that your business may have in many different situations. The integrated 3G/4G wireless modem works great as a backup for when your wired connection is disrupted. It is also completely capable of being your main source of connectivity, especially in places where a regular type of internet connection isn’t possible.

If you are planning a business meeting at an off site location, you can always make sure that you and your team have a very strong and consistent internet connection. It is perfect for connecting when no other wired or wireless connection exists. It is also wonderful for small offices or even any type of restaurant Almost any business in need of a secure, secure internet connectivity, cloud computing and remote applications can find a way to benefit from the CradlePoint ARC MBR1400.

If you have a pretty reliable connection already, lots of people use the integrated 3G/4G router to set up a secondary network. This is useful for simplifying PCI compliance, video surveillance, digital signs, and kiosks.

Security features include protected LAN connections with advanced WiFI encryption, LAN Segmentation, and VLAN capabilities. Main office access and POS transactions are protected by VPN capability, and it is designed for PCI compliant network architectures.

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