Firefox’s Biggest Update Since 2011 Is Available Now

firefox_logo-wordmark-horiz_RGBOn Tuesday Mozilla put out one of their biggest updates for Firefox ever. The update gives the browser a much more modernized look and feel, as well as a whole new collection of features that let you customize it to your liking.

This update was much needed for the company. They are in a pretty weird spot right now trying to compete with other browsers who are doing a lot of cool things, and with their co-founder Brendan Eich who just recently stepped down as CEO after coming out and saying how he supports the ban of gay marriage. It goes without saying that Mozilla needed something to set them apart and move them past the negativity.

The update is available right now for everyone. As soon as you install the update, you can see the difference. The changes aren’t all about the look though, the main idea behind the update is easy customization. All of your preferences are easily accessible, and you can very quickly edit and delete features that you don’t care for or just don’t want.

The design actually looks a lot like Google Chrome. It seems like they may have taken notes and borrowed some ideas when it comes to their overall style. It has a soothing, rounded design that looks really clean and organized. The new menu is located at the upper right side of the browser and has all the major controls all in one place, so you don’t have to do too much searching for anything.

The new rounded tab design makes it a lot easier to see the pages you are visiting and takes away the emphasis on the other tabs in the background. You can also “pin” tabs now.

Bookmarking in general is a lot easier to manage now. You can bookmark pages and manage the rest of your bookmarks from the same spot. You can find the button to manage all of them right next to the little star next to the search bar.

This update is also really cool for users who use Firefox on different platforms. With Firefox Sync, you can create and account for and add all of your different devices. At the moment, only Android smartphones and tablets are compatible with this feature, but after you add them, you can get access to your search bar history, saved passwords, and bookmarks from all of your devices.

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