Design Your Own Fonts With Prototypo

fontsCreating your own font has always been a very time consuming and annoying process, so much that most people don’t even bother. Prototypo will let anyone design their very own font without the crazy hassle and extra work.
This is really great for professionals because it will eliminate the process of working on each individual letter for hours on end, and for beginners it will make the entire process more inviting and simple, leaving more time for pure creativity. Another beautiful part about this is that you will no longer have to browse for hours trying to find the perfect font; you will be able to create whatever you want in just minutes all on one page. You also don’t have to worry about running into any legal issues from using a font that you don’t have permission to use or by altering an existing font.
Right now the application is in beta, and they are working on on version 1.0. The version that is out now starts you off with 4 different pretty basic fonts and gives you the ability to adjust different things to change how it looks. You can also adjust letters individually. In the final version, there will be over 25 different adjustable options to customize your own font.Like many of the other font websites, you can type out a word to see how the font will look. The only difference obviously is that you will be making the font instead of just picking one.
Once you get done working on it and get it to look the way you want to, you will be able to export the font as a vector-based file. After you get it done, you can always go back and revise it if you’d like as well.
When version 1.0 comes out and there are more options, you’ll be able to adjust individual letters and serifs. You will also be able to export different types of files and edit specific parts of each letter for more customization. There will also be a feature that lets you import your own fonts to customize.
This is a web based application that is designed to use on pretty much any web browser, but it will also be accessible for offline use as well with computers or tablets. One of the future goals is to have a program that you can download and install directly on your hard drive.
The project has a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $20,000. Since its launch, it has more than doubled its goal and still has about a week to go. Prototypo 1.0 is expected to be up and running by September of this year.
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