New Display Technology Rentals From Include 4K Displays has been in the technology rental industry for over 20 years and during that time, we have built a strong line of technology rentals spanning all facets of the industry. From desktops and laptops to peripherals and tablets, is proud to offer literally anything you could possibly need in terms of technology.

Display rentals include a multitude of different technologies. A display rental from can include computer monitors, HDTVs, plasma screens and so much more. While those technologies have been the staple of display rentals for in the past, we are proud to announced that we have upgraded our inventory to include the latest and greatest in display technology rentals.

One of the newest technologies to come to’s display rentals are Ultra High Definition 4K Rentals. Advances in technology have taken TVs and displays to new levels with ultra high definition. Ultra high definition displays, or 4K displays, deliver stunning picture quality with resolutions of 4,000 pixels (as the name implies). The native resolution of these screens comes in at 3,840 x 2,160, double the resolution and four times the actual pixel count of a standard high definition screen.

Interactive touchscreen displays are also available from New touchscreen technology is being developed every day, giving users new ways to interact with technology. These displays allow users to interact with them in much the same ways they would a tablet or smartphone and can be mounted on a wall or have stands attached to them, allowing them to become interactive touchscreen tables for multiple users to collaborate on.

One such product is the Samsung SUR40 display. This device is a 40″ HD multi-touch display which serves as a centerpiece for multiple users to collaborate on and interact with digital content. The SUR40 can be mounted vertically or serve as a table. The device uses PixelSense technology which gives LCS panels the power to respond to touch and objects without the use of cameras. This new technology is also capable of recognizing more than 50 points of contact on the surface simultaneously. In addition to that, multiple users can interact with the display at the same time while physical objects can also interact with applications using using optical tag recognition.

These new products are just a small piece of the different display and other technology rentals that has to offer. With local delivery and installation from a certified technology professional along with a single point of contact through your entire rental period with a Tech Travel Agent you’d be hard pressed to find a better source for all your display and technology rental needs than!

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