How To Add Creativity and Fun to Your Event

Fun is a huge part of many corporate events. Business isn’t always about fun, but without it, it is really hard to keep people focused and motivated. Here are a few different ideas to keep people entertained and boost the fun factor at you next event.

1. Being fun and creative starts when you choose the venue.

Some venues are obviously better than others. Fun starts with the atmosphere, so keep that in mind when choosing where to hold your event. Some venues have rooftop terraces, guest rooms, and some venues just have a spectacular view. Even the way a venue is decorated can be a big factor. Just use some common sense and try and put yourself in the attendees shoes. If you were an attendee, what would you enjoy about the venue?

2. Nothing will ever be as fun as food… Ever.

There really isn’t too much in life that is more fun than eating fantastic food. And there is so much more you can do with food to incorporate fun! You can have silly cooking contests, you could have a dessert bar where people could gather and chat and interact and eat their favorite treats, maybe you could even have a cake decorating contest. I don’t know, it’s food, the possibilities are endless. Get creative!

3. Make people experience things they never have before, and maybe never will again.

There are so many amazing venues that offer so many cool things to do. There is the i-Fly in Toronto, where guests can actually go indoor skydiving. What could be more fun? Really. There are also venues that have indoor scuba diving and polo. Even if the venue doesn’t offer something crazy like that, with a little bit of imagination you can come up with something adventurous to entertain people.

4. Have contests. People love winning things.

Contests are great. People love to compete more than almost anything. You can have a GPS scavenger hunt, you can review content presented at the event and turn it into some type of game show, anything. I know this sounds really corny, but realistically the more you can get people to interact with each other and laugh, the more satisfaction they are going to get out of the event. You can’t be serious all the time!

5. Gamification. It’s like playing a game, but everyone always wins.

Gamification is a really big deal. Not only do people feel like they are having fun, but if you are smart enough you can use it to promote your product or get contestants to do it for you while they feel like they are just having fun. Games are always a sure way to make sure people are having a great time. You could have an indoor soccer game, basketball, whatever. Once again, the possibilities are endless.

I know the business world can be stressful and you want to always come off as a professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at your event. There are almost innumerable possibilities for bringing in creativity and fun to your next event and these 5 are only some examples that you could do at your next event!

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