How to Create an Effective Ad Campaign on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to get your ads out there for everyone to see. Let’s face it, everyone is on Facebook these days. Here’s a few ways to help you get your ad out there creatively and effectively.

Audience Insight is Key

First off you are going to want to use Audience Insights to target new potential customers that have already liked your page, based on the characteristics of people and what they are interested in. To start this you are going to click on Audience Insights in the Ad Manager. A window will pop up and then click People Connected to Your Page. You will then see your Audience Insights with Demographics as the default on the horizontal menu. Scroll all the way down the page till you see a drop-down menu on the bottom left of the page that says People Connected to. You still have to select your page name in this field although you are already using Audience Insights for your page. Multiple metrics will appear, such as age and gender among your current page likes, relationship status, job title, ect. Based on the insights Facebook gives you, target new audience to split test against or add to your existing audience. What you know of your audience demographics, you can then create ads directed towards the customers you have targeted to grab their attention.

All the Ads Align

Next step is to align your ad with the campaign landing page. This will give you a higher Ad Relevance score. Facebook ads have become more expensive and competitive, so this will help charge you less per click. Alignment within ads and landing pages helps increase your conversion rate. If your customers see exactly what your post is advertising, then you will have returning customers. If they see exactly what they clicked on, they will start to trust the company and this will give your website and brand credibility. Customers will be more open to putting their payment information with a purchase if your brand looks trustworthy and trust is very important if you want to increase sales and services with a Facebook ad. A higher level of alignment within ads and landing pages help lower shopping cart drop-off rates and helps increase conversation rates.

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Take it One Element at a Time

Something else that will help is to only test one ad element at a time. You can simply change the headline of multiple copies of your best ad and re-post them with the same information. After figuring out which ad gets the popularity, make copies and test a different element, like changing the description or image. Always test combinations of different split tests. To do so, take the major headline of your product or service and put multiple different descriptions to figure out which description does best. When you find the best description with the most outcome, put it with one of the other tested headlines to see how well it works. It could end up being better than the original headline and description.

Ad Placement is Key

If you’re also looking to save money on bidding, you can set up ad sets within geographic target areas. If you do this, each ad set should target only one geographic area because you don’t want to run into spending a lot more money per click. You can adjust each of your bids if you keep your different geographic targets separate. Make sure to bid higher on the necessary geographic areas and only use some on a seasonal basis. If you decide to target a country, remember that ad sets can target cities and/or zip codes.

Social media is a great way to get your advertisements out there, especially on Facebook. If you’re wanting to change your ads up a little bit, just experiment with your customers, your placement, and work on splitting tests. Any of these can give you better results with your ads.

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