Windows 10 Will Be Microsoft’s Last OS

It’s official. Windows 10 is going to be the very last version of the huge line of operating systems. A Microsoft company executive, Jerry Nixon, broke the bad news.

During the Microsoft Ignite conference that happened last week, Nixon said that there wasn’t going to be any version of Windows following Windows 10, but that the Windows platform would not be going anywhere. This means that instead of putting out a whole new version of the operating system every so often, they plan on just building on Windows 10. This means that there will be more updates, and the updates will have bigger changes. This could mean a more dynamic platform for PC users in the future. So maybe it isn’t all bad?

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There still isn’t a set release date for the much anticipated Windows 10. But word on the streets is that it will be available for all PC users by the end of July of this year, right when they end support for Windows Server 2003. But the company plans on releasing the new operating system in different phases. The PC release will come first. Then support for Xbox, HoloLens, and smart devices will come later.

I don’t really think this is a terrible idea for Microsoft. But I do predict that in a decade or so, they will be forced to put out new operating systems. So many changes in so little time, and it doesn’t seem possible to keep building on one OS until the end of time and keep it current and usable. I guess we’ll have to find out.

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  1. Instead, Microsoft will periodically update Windows 10 with updates as a means to introduce new technologies and features. In other words, there will not be a Windows 11.

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