More Than 30 Events Listed in Social Media


Ever heard of the Mashable Events Board? If not then you’re seriously missing out! Mashable’s Events Board is the perfect place to list and find leading conferences and, conventions and events in your industry. You could be in advertising, technology, media, public relations, or literally anything, whatever it is, this is a great place to market your event.This week, Mashable is highlighting events that are geared towards helping move your career forward. If these don’t fit what you’re looking for then you can check out the dozens of other events featured on the site’s complete listing.

The Events Board also allows you to sort listing by date added, receive discount codes for being a Mashable reader and even watch videos of past events to get a good idea of what to expect in the future. In addition to that, you can also follow @MashableEvents on Twitter to get a leg up on hearing about events before anyone else.

Check out the Mashable Events Board here

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