Make Effective Use of Your Pinterest Marketing

If you’re reading this, by now you’ve probably used Twitter, Facebook, even Google+. But one of the social networking platforms that sometimes doesn’t get the respect it deserves as a marketing tool is Pinterest. Before we even start to consider all of the ways you can build your brand with Pinterest, consider this: Pinterest is now valued at $11 billion. Do I have your attention now?

First of all, there is a general misconception that only women like to “Pin” things. But men are pinning now too, in great numbers. In fact 21 million males are now on Pinterest. One of the ways companies are building their male audience is making sure that their online catalogs, commerce pages are pinnable. This way men can easily pin them on one of their boards to buy the item at a later time.

Another way Pinterest is catering to their users is they have recently redone their search functionality, making it a lot more relevant to Pinterest users. With that being said, if you really want to engage the right audience pay special attention to “Alt Text” as Pinterest automatically reads “Alt” data.

“Rich Pins” are another new addition. These pins offer more information than regular pins. There are even different categories of Rich Pins. Big and small brands alike can use Article, Product, Recipe, Movie, or Place Rich Pins to enhance their content.

Pinterest now offers “Promoted Pins”. These Pins blend in with the rest of the non-paid pins seamlessly, so you can really get your audience’s attention. Furthermore, Promoted Pins are considerably less in cost than other social platforms, so now might be the time to try!

Lastly, Pinterest will soon be releasing Buyable Pins. With this functionality, users will see a blue “Buy it” button on items that are available for direct checkout. This will enable a direct checkout through the app and Pinterest isn’t even planning on take a share.

You’ve heard it: Pinners. Creating interesting content is just as important as ever, why not add Pinterest and it’s useful new tools to your marketing ventures?

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