Successful Sales People Have These Characteristics

If your company is hiring sales people based on the stereotype of a typical salesman, then you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. Just because someone is smart, witty, well dressed and knows how to talk does not always mean that they are going to do a very good job at making sales.

There is, however, a pretty good formula on how to find, or how to be, the perfect sales person. If you get away from the stereotypical idea and start looking at a few simple things, you’ll understand why there should be more to it than a great smile and a gold watch. Here are some characteristics of a successful sales person.

1. Honesty

It is super important to be 100 percent honest with clients at all times. You don’t want to lie, even if there is some bad news. Clients will appreciate that way more than you making things up or leaving out information. Plus, most people are smart enough to know when something it too good to be true. Don’t get me wrong, you always want to make the sale, but sometimes the best way to make a sale is to help the client make the best possible decision by putting everything on the table, good and bad.

2. In Depth Knowledge

This part helps with the honesty factor. When you have an answer for every question the client may ask, and you can show them how what you are selling will benefit them, or why it may not be such a good fit in some cases, this will establish trust. When a client trusts you, there are going to spend money with you one way or another. Knowledge is always power.

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3. Believing in the Product

If you are completely honest and know everything there is to know about the product but you don’t believe in it… then it is going to be pretty hard for you to sell it. That’s just common sense! Even subconsciously, a client can pick up on it if you are not even into what you are selling. Plus, if you really believe in something… you will never have an issue selling it. So as a sales person, make sure you have sold yourself on the product first. When hiring a salesperson, make sure they believe in what they are doing.

4. The Follow-Up

Every good sales person should always be sure to follow up. As a client, it is really frustrating when they don’t. If you are a good sales person, you should always answer your phone, respond to emails, answer questions, and do all of this stuff even after the sale is made and finalized. Own up to any problems that may pop up as this will help in the long run.

5. Self-Awareness

Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses can go a long way on how you approach different situations. No customer is the same, and you will never be able to see what they are thinking. Luckily, as long as you always know your strengths, weaknesses, and have a set of go-to strategies, you can pretty much get through anything with success.

Being well dressed and personable never hurt anyone. Neither did a sharp haircut and a fancy watch. But, without the 5 things on this list, you won’t be selling anything, no matter how flashy you are.

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