Is Instagram The New Marketing Tool For Businesses?

Perion’s social and mobile marketing division, Growmobile, has announced its support of Instagram advertising through its mobile user acquisition platform. Growmobile was actual one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to have early access to the new Instagram Ads API. This allowed advertisers to run ad campaigns on one of the fastest growing mobile traffic sources in the industry.

The General Manager of Growmobile, Shai Gottesdiener says, “The introduction of Instagram advertising enhances our social media advertising capabilities and our overall mobile advertising capabilities, extending our ability to provide unrivaled mobile advertising solutions for our clients. As one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to receive access to the Instagram Ads API, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen our position as a mobile advertising industry leader.”

Growmobile’s integration with the Instagram Ads API offers marketers “the opportunity to extend their advertising reach to Instagram’s community of more than 300 million users,” according to a previous statement to media. If you aren’t sure what Growmobile is and you’re a big social media user, it’s something worth checking out.

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The next question you have to ask yourself is if this is good for your business? Instagram has primarily been a social media site for the younger generation. Users share photos, add filters and add hashtags directly from their smartphones. Businesses have used Instagram before to market their business though the site has not been the go-to marketing tool. But it’s all about the numbers. With the possibility of reaching more than 300 million users, Instagram could very well become the hot new  marketing tool for businesses.

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