Battery Life Improvement Tips For iOS 9

After downloading iOS 9.0.1, a ton of users have reported problems with their battery life. To make matters worse, this seems to be a persistent problem that happens every time a new iOS update drops. Even though reasons for the depleting battery life tend to vary case by case, there are a lot of useful ideas that can help you improve your battery life. If you find yourself having battery problems after installing that latest iOS update from Apple, then try one of these solutions.

Know What Apps Are Battery Suckers

A lot of people blame Apple and iOS 9 for draining their batteries though the update does have some useful features that help you save your power. If you are losing power then you should check how much battery power is being drained by each app you are using. Simply open up Settings and go to Battery, then scroll down to “Battery Usage”. This will show you a list of apps with a percentage next to each one. Typically, the apps at the top of the list are the ones you use the most though there may be some battery vampires tucked away in the list that you may not have known about. You should consider deleting these apps or at least being aware of where your battery usage is going.

Kill Unnecessary Functions

This one seems pretty simple. If you are having battery issues then you should probably make sure you turn off features like Bluetooth, AirDrop, and background apps when you aren’t using them. This same advice goes for apps as well. Even when you exit an app, it can still drain battery life. You can turn off apps every time you close them by hitting the Home button twice and swiping up or you can turn off Background App Refresh by going to Settings, then to General, then to Background App Refresh, which gives you the option of turning it off.

Go Into Low Power Mode

iOS 9 delivers a new feature to iPhones, and that is the ability to go into low power mode. This mode conserves battery power by turning off all the functions that you don’t immediately need, including Background App Refresh, Automatic Downloads, and certain visual effects. This will significantly extend your battery life, though at the expense of performance.

Dim Your Screen

Turn your brightness down. Turn it all the way down. Granted this may make it hard to see things, especially if you are outside or in a brightly lit area, but it will effectively reduce the drain on the battery of your smartphone. This is especially effective if you often put your phone places where you’re not using it, like in your purse, book bag, or car. You’d be surprised how much battery life is used in keeping that LED screen so bright.

So if you’re having battery problems I feel bad for you son……but I’ve got a few solutions that you should seriously consider if you want it to stop. Sure iOS 9 may be the bulk of the problem, but anything you can do to cut down on battery usage is a plus.

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