What’s Now and What’s Next for the Mac Pro

Built for power and performance, the Mac Pro is the choice for professionals who need as many processing cores as possible to run their applications. Apple’s high-end desktop model is designed to be both powerful and flexible, able to run even the most demanding applications. If you need desktop machines to run video-editing applications, 3-D programs, image-editing software, and other applications for your next developer’s conference, video editing project, or hackathon, our Mac Pro rentals offer the solutions and power you need. Here’s what’s now and what’s next for the Mac Pro. 

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Built to perform

The Mac Pro is built for high performance and intense processing. With 4 or more cores and up to 32GB of RAM, your Mac Pro rentals will always deliver the power you expect and the performance you demand. 

Equipped with the Xeon E5 processor with 16GB of memory and dual AMD FirePro graphics processors with up to 6GB of video memory each, Mac Pro rentals are able to render graphics quickly, without sacrificing quality. All models also include 256GB of flash storage. 

All of our Mac Pro rentals are fully customizable. With our built to order options, you can add up to 64GB of memory, 1TB of flash storage, upgraded graphics, and upgraded processors.  

High-speed video and graphic processing

For ultrafast rendering applications like Final Cut Pro X, our Mac Pro rentals are a video editing powerhouse. Capable of handling 4K video editing and 3D applications, the Mac Pro delivers huge performance gains over its Microsoft competitors. 

A much faster type of solid-state drive, Mac Pro’s PCIe-based flash storage delivers unmatched performance standards, especially if you’re working with large-format images or videos that use hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of hard drive space. The more processing demands your applications throw at the Mac Pro, the more it shines. 

Forging new frontiers

Capable of calculating and rendering scenes must faster than the competition, the Mac Pro can handle 3D applications like no other machine. For professional-grade, cutting edge software, our Mac Pro rentals are unmatched in helping you get the job done. 

The Mac Pro is the ideal machine for RAM-intensive image editing, medical imaging, computer-aided design, and architecture applications. With its high-speed processors, multiple cores, and superior GPU, the Mac Pro concurrently edits many ultra-high-resolution files with ease. 

What’s next

Not content to rest on creating one of the most powerful desktops on the market, Apple is preparing to launch the all-new Mac Pro in the coming months. More powerful and more flexible, the next generation of the Mac Pro promises to be Apple’s best-performing desktop machine ever.

Featuring Intel’s new Xeon processor with up to 28 cores and 1.5TB of RAM, the modular design of the new Mac Pro will allow greater flexibility for upgrades and customization. The addition of large L2 and shared L3 caches and 64 PCI Express lanes provides massive bandwidth in and out of the processor – allowing you to accomplish more faster. 

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Finding the right Apple rental options for you

We offer transparent, upfront pricing on all of our rentals to make sure that you get the right Apple rental options for you. Our technology rental agents will walk you through the rental process, work with you to figure out the mobile solution that best meets your needs, and any additional features you may need. Our comprehensive approach allows us to give you a quote specific to your event and rental needs. 

When you rent from us, you get the best equipment and top-of-the-line support. Our trained technicians deliver, set up, and prepare all of your mobile rentals so that you can focus on delivering the best experience for your breakout session attendees. Our agents coordinate all the logistics of delivery and installation and can have techs on call to troubleshoot and fix any problems that may arise with your rental technology. Get a quote for your Mac Pro rental today.

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