Celebrates 20 Years in the Computer Rental Business

Cincinnati, Oh -This year, Celebrates 20 Years in the Computer Rental Business

IBM XT Computer RentalFrom 1987 to 2007, Rent-A-Computer, renamed, is a computer rental company that has evolved with the personal computer industry.

“In 1987, the first computer we rented was the IBM XT, a 8088 processor with 20mB Hard Drive. We upgraded it with a graphics card and green screen monitor. We also IBM AT with a 80286 processor. Our first Apple product was a Mac Plus. And our first laser printer rental was the HP LJ Series II.” said Rose Morgan, co-founder with John Beagle.

In 1997, was one of the first rental companies on the internet. Rent-A-Computer created its first website, more than 10 years ago.


  1. Congratulation for your 20th years in business. Wishing more years to come.. cheers!!

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