Laptop Rentals for Business Travel

Laptop Rentals for Business Travel

When I first started traveling for the insurance company I work for, I found it to be a bit of a hassle. Traveling in itself is a hassle these days; it seems as though there are new rules and regulations every time I fly, but traveling for business can make things much harder. In addition to my personal belongings in a suitcase, carry-on bag, and my purse, I was forced to carry my work materials which included my heavy company laptop. Not only was it cumbersome and one extra thing for me to hope I didn’t lose or misplace while waiting to board my flight, but often times, getting it through security could be a pain.

Last week, I found myself flying to both Orlando, Florida and San Jose, California, before heading back home to Roswell, GA by Friday. That’s a lot of flying. When you travel as much as I do, you look for ways to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible. While surfing the web one night from a hotel room, I ran across the website, I saw that you could rent almost any laptop (Apple or PC) with WiFi and have it delivered to your destination. I put in a call to one of their Tech Travel Agents. With one easy call, I was able to tell them what sort of laptop I needed and have them deliver it to each company I had to visit, all over the United States. Not only did I not have to carry my company-issued laptop on the planes, but I didn’t have to carry it to and from my hotel rooms and business meetings. This saves so much time!

I rented the laptop for the day, at an unbelievable low price, and it was set up and ready for me to use for my presentation. All I had to do was connect to the internet to access my office files remotely; it was just like using the company laptop. From now on, when I have to fly, I will be renting a laptop from Their friendly people, quality products, and fast service were enough to make me a loyal customer.

– Karen Payne, Underwriting Manager for major national insurance company.

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